What You Need To Know On Heartworm Medicine

Learning that your dog has been infected from parasitic roundworms is quite traumatic. Living and growing in numbers inside your dogs heart and irritating the pulmonary artery of its lungs, you have now been worrying too much with the possible long term and irreversible effects on this heartworm disease to your favorite dogs health. You start wondering what options you have when it comes to treating heartworm disease and what best heartworm medicine should be administered to your dog.

Choosing the best heartworm medicine for your dog may not be very hard after all. Brands of heartworm medicines are available in the market and perhaps the only problem that you will have to decide on is the price that you can afford and the other treatment capabilities of the drug that you will use. Some brands do not just target heartworm disease but also treat infections from hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, dog ear mites, dogs and puppy fleas, arcasid, sarcoptic mange mites, and a particular species of ticks. It is advisable therefore to consult it with your dogs vet since your dog may have a special caring concern than other dogs.

There may be kinds of heartworm medications available for your dog. The first one is ingestible. Usually they come in tasty flavored chewable tablets that your dog will surely feed on. Heartgard brand of medicine is the famous chewable table among this ingestible medicine. It has a beef flavor so you wont have a hard time feeding your beloved animal. Heartgard supplies for six months and the tablet is just given once a month; affordable and effective. A prescription however is first needed before you can buy Heartgard so better visit your dogs veterinarian. Heartgard is available in drug stores, vet clinics as well as in online shops; just make sure that you know the expiration date before buying the said product.

Sentinel is another chewable tablet that may be given for your dog to treat Heartworm disease as it also treats other infections. This brand is given once a month and similarly, it supplies for six months. Dogs although must be at least four years older and up to take this tablet. Although these two brands have side effects such as loss of appetite, drowsiness, vomiting, seizures, diarrhea, and red skin itching—- these have been found very rare in dogs who have taken the tablets.

Meanwhile, Interceptors, is a brand specialize in killing hard to identify whipworms, may also be given to treat heartworm disease as a monthly oral medicine. If there are ingestible medicines, there are also medicines that are just applied on spots and these are the topical heartworm medicines such as Revolution and Advantage Multi. They are multi-tasking medicines since they treat not just heartworm disease but as well as other infections including mites, fleas and the like. Revolution, for instance, is a liquid medicine administered to the skin of the dog. Administered monthly, Revolution may be quite expensive but it is a favorite amongst dog owners as it could treat other infections as well.