Healing Cancer Has To Come From Within Your Body

We are not helpless if we have been diagnosed with cancer; there are many lifestyle changes we can make because it’s the way we are now living that is causing it. To survive the cancer, we don’t need to submit to the toxic treatments which are only treating symptoms and not treating the real problem. We all have a built in repair system called the immune system and it’s through this system that you can remove cancer cells and heal the body.

A cancer growth is only a sign the something has gone wrong and it’s not where the growth is, it’s with the entire body. To survive cancer you need to make some important changes, there is no other way. Doctors are only removing growths but if you haven’t removed the reasons why it grew in the first place then no matter how much treatment you have or how much money you spend on treatments, it will only come back again and that’s when it becomes dangerous.

We put our faith in our medical care system when we have a life threatening problem such as cancer but unfortunately money and artificial drugs now dominate our treatments. Man does not have a cure for cancer but only expensive ineffective treatments which damage the body and seldom cure. Only nature has a cure and that means living a more natural lifestyle by eating food that nature has produced and that man has not interfered with.

Cancer is only a modern day problem whereas 50 years ago when cancer was a rare disease we were all eating food that had been grown without the chemicals and without the processing that is common today. Human beings are designed to eat food that has been produced by nature and is fresh as it keeps us free of all medical problems. Only fresh food which is full of vitamins, minerals and other compounds and are designed to keep us healthy and free of diseases such as cancer.

We are living longer nowadays but it’s not because of modern medicine. It’s because of laws that are in place that state that our food and water must be free of bacteria or substances that in the past have caused us harm. Also in all Western developed countries public hygiene has improved vastly, especially in areas of sanitation. But while we are now mainly eating clean food, we are eating mostly processed food and that food is no longer fresh because of its processing. Modern day supermarkets are the biggest contributing factors to cancer.

Cancer in all cases is a disease of the immune system and the immune system is the bodies system that keeps us free of all health problems. The way to become cancer free is to enhance the immune system. That will allow the body to strengthen and the body is then able to remove the cancer slowly and naturally and without any side effects.

Cancer wasn’t a problem many years ago so what has changed and the answer is our food. The food industry has been taken over by business people and it’s all about profit. Also these business people know that human beings have a weakness for foods that contain sugar, fat and salt and processed foods today are full of it. Remember, it’s only man and his pets that get cancer and that is because we are not eating our natural food. Animals in the wild don’t get cancer.

There are many foods that are classed as super foods because of their ability to help the body recover from a serious disease such as cancer. What you have to do is change your internal environment to one that creates health and not cancer and you do that by choosing the foods that cure.

Alan Wighton is an experience health researcher and has specialized how a natural approach to cancer can have a far better outcome than our current way of treating the disease. To learn more about how the body can overcome health problems such as cancer go to; www.cancerhealed.com http://www.cancerhealed.com

What is Angiogenesis And How Can it Help Me Fight Cancer

Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels in the human body that support the growth and development of new body cells. It is an essential part of healing when someone suffers a wound or an injury as well as an important function for a benign tumour to become a malignant one which then becomes life threatening. Research today has been focusing on ways to stop angiogenesis and thus control the growth and development of all cancer cells.

Scientists since the 1970’s have been aware of the importance of angiogenesis in controlling cancer growths and have been searching for ways to stop these new blood vessels forming. To date they have had limited success. When cancer cells first develop they are supplied with nutrients from nearby blood vessels but to grow larger than 1 to 2 millimetres they need their own blood vessels. New blood vessels then have to grow which will feed the new cancer cells and allow them to increase in size. That is an absolute requirement.

One of the latest drugs to inhibit angiogenesis is Avastin which is extremely expensive, has serious side effects but has not had the results they had hoped for. Another drug also in use today for cancer is one that caused huge problems during the late 60s. It is Thalidomide which back then was given to women suffering from morning sickness during pregnancy but one of the side effects was angiogenesis. It stopping the formation of new blood vessels and thousands of children were born without limbs.

Researches for cancer today are looking for a drug that will stop cancer from growing, without side effects and also is harmless to normal body cells. While there are a couple of drugs that have some ability to do just that, what we are not told is that we already have many natural products that have the same result and without any side effects. These natural products are of course some of our natural food that has been grown and produced by nature.

The many products that nature has supplied us with and are angiogenesis inhibitors are;

* Food that is high in vitamin A, C and E. Some examples for vitamin A are carrots and sweet potatoes, vitamin C, strawberries and citrus fruit, and vitamin E, almonds and broccoli. * Bromeliad which is found in fresh pineapple. * Mistletoe which is also known as Iscador, and is also well known to boost the immune system. * Green tea which is one of Mother Natures wonders. * Milk-Thistle, also known as Silymarin, this herb is known for its liver protection effect. * Artemisia Annua also called sweet wormwood and has also been helpful for people with malaria. * Omega 3 Fatty Acid which is used in the popular Joanna Budwig diet and is found in flaxseed oil and salmon. * Mushrooms, especially the varieties reiski and maitake. * Resveratrol which is found on the skin of red grapes and also in red wine. * Quercetin; is in apples, onions, red grapes, citrus, cherries, broccoli and leafy green vegetables and it inhibits angiogenesis.

Many of the foods listed above not only do they inhibit blood vessels forming but many of them are also known as cancer fighting foods. One of the best foods a patient can eat is food from the cruciferous family which is broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts.

We are all part of nature so therefore to fight cancer successfully we must turn to nature to solve the problem. Nature has always had the answers to cancer whereas man does not.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specializing in nutrition. If you are seeking information on how to fight cancer, using simple changes with diet and lifestyle, visit his website and learn how the body can fight cancer when you make these changes; www.cancerhealed.com http://www.cancerhealed.com

Cancer Treatment Options, What is the Most Effective

We have a powerful health care system that says when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer the only treatment options to remove it are by surgery, radiation or chemotherapy and there are no other ways. What they won’t tell you because they don’t know is that there are much more effective ways to deal with cancer and that is to find what first caused it then remove those causes. We all have a self healing system within our body called the immune system and all you have to do is to use it.

A person newly diagnosed with cancer is likely to be in shock and will automatically turn to the people they trust the most to help them with their problem. Our orthodox treatments as everyone knows are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and the only other way to treat it is alternatively which is with natural products but this system of treatment will never be offered and is often criticised as not being scientific.

Nearly everyone is unaware about the causes of cancer and many believe it was because of fate or bad luck and will naturally look for the quickest way to have these foreign growths removed. They all believe they had followed a healthy diet and lifestyle so it was something that was beyond their control that allowed these growths to suddenly appear.

Our health care system today keeps us ignorant about the causes and yet the causes are well known. They have been well known for decades but it’s only by a handful of people who have bothered to study the disease. Also you must remember that an uninformed person will seldom question any treatment that is recommended by their health professional, even if it’s toxic.

To effectively overcome a diagnosis of cancer one needs to learn about it. For instance any cancer growth is actually cancer of the whole body and not just where the growth appeared. What has caused these growths to suddenly appear is the body’s immune system which had been weakened so no amount of high tech treatment in the form of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is going to fix that. That’s why it returns again.

A far more effective way is to search for the reason why the immune system had been weakened and allowed these foreign growths to appear. All cancers are self caused, we have caused it ourselves by the way we now live with our food that’s no longer fresh, our sedentary lifestyle and other factors. At present it’s mainly a problem in western developed countries but is becoming a problem in developing countries as well. Seven million people a year are now dying from cancer around the world and we still only have treatments which only treat symptoms and not the root cause of the problem. A symptom is a sign that something else is wrong within the body.

To effectively heal the body of cancer without it returning you have to address the reasons why it first appeared and a good place to start is with the diet. The typically western diet is mostly at fault because of our high consumption of processed foods so common sense should tell us to correct it. We have moved away from eating food that we once produced ourselves to eating food that big businesses have processed and interfered with. Nature has the only cure for cancer and it lies completely with the food that nature produces as well as a few other natural lifestyle changes like exercise.

While treating cancer naturally has never been scientifically proven, it’s never likely to be because natural products can not be patented so nobody can profit from them. Natural ways are a cheap and effective way to treat cancer. The reason all our medicine is drug based and artificial is because it can be patented, which removes competition and is then profitably. Our mainstream ways of treating the disease may have been scientifically proven but only proven to reduce the size of the growths and that won’t stop them from growing back again.

While our doctors and medical system are very good at diagnosing cancer, their treatments today often fail because they are only focusing on removing growths which is of little help. True cures mean dealing with the original causes.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specializing in nutrition. This article is part of the information contained in his book on genuine ways to overcome cancer using the natural healing ability of the human body. If you are seeking information on how to become cancer free using these ways, please visit; naturaltreatment http://www.cancerhealed.com

There Are Other Ways To Treat Cancer Which Work

What is the best way to become free of cancer? Our medical system uses some very invasive methods that more than often don’t work but there are other ways that are far more effective but unfortunately nobody will tell you about them. Doctors today will only treat the cancer growth which is just a symptom but a better way is to treat the person with the cancer and you do that by correcting the reasons why it first appeared.

Cancer, no matter where it appears within the body is only one disease and all cancers have common causes. The reasons why it appears are because of our unnatural lifestyle; especially our diet which has allowed our immune system to stop working effectively and this has allowed cancer cells to flourish. Common sense should tell you that the top priority is to strengthen this very important system so it can remove these foreign cells naturally.

We have all been brainwashed into believing that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the only way to treat cancer as we are all educated about it from newspapers, the television and doctors. It’s because the people who profit from the treatments control the industry. Unfortunately anything to do with cancer is money orientated and this is why we only have treatments that seldom solve the problem.

There is little point in just removing cancer growths because it will only reappear again in some other area if you haven’t corrected the reasons why it appeared in the first place. If it returns it will then be secondary cancer which is far more serious because it’s secondary cancer that kills people. What needs to be done is to find the reasons why it first appeared and remove those reasons. That means making serious lifestyle changes to allow the body to fight the cancer naturally.

It is not difficult to learn about cancer. The way to overcome it is to understand what has caused it so then you will understand the changes that are necessary. The body itself can remove the cancer if you go about it the right way and you don’t need a doctor to help you with that. Our medical care system has been keeping us ignorant about the disease and that keeps people from thinking that they could help themselves.

The reason why there is so much cancer now in western developed countries is because of the way we are living. It has changed over the last 50 to 60 years and of course the increase of cancer has paralleled this change. Most of the blame on the increase is because of the discovery of electricity and especially crude oil which has allowed us to lead a more sedentary lifestyle. We don’t get the exercise we use to which is part of the problem and more importantly the food we are now eating has changed as most of us are eating processed food.

You don’t need to become a recluse and live in the bush to overcome cancer but you do need to change the food you eat to foods that are fresh or more natural. Our health is directly related to the food we eat. The human body also needs some exercise because the immune system needs exercise to function properly. It can’t function properly without it. Also we are all using chemicals, many of them unwittingly and we don’t realise the harm they are causing us.

There is no quick and easy way to overcome cancer and there is certainly no magic cure but there is a way. You need to educate yourself about the factors that have caused it and make some serious lifestyle changes. They do work and of course no one can profit from the changes you make, unlike the treatments that mainstream medicine use.

What you need to achieve is to change your internal environment to one that creates health and not cancer.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specializing in nutrition. This article is part of the information contained in his book on genuine ways to overcome cancer using the natural healing ability of the human body. The best way to become cancer-free is not through toxic treatments but through knowledge. If you are seeking information visit Alan’s web page at; www.cancerhealed.com http://www.cancerhealed.com

How to stop your body from making Cancer

Our bodies don’t get cancer; our bodies make cancer. That is we have made it ourselves. How did we accomplish that you may ask? Simply by not respecting the laws of Mother Nature. It’s the way we are now living that’s causing so much of it now days. Cancer is well understood and it is not some dreaded disease that science can’t fathom. Its cause is the result of the violation of natural laws.

What our medical system wants us to believe is it’s not our fault and there is nothing we could have done to prevent it. That is not so! The facts are cancer has been growing in your body for many years, and it’s you that has caused it. In most cases it takes about 10 years before it’s of sufficient size to be detected and that means your cancer has been under construction for a long time.

If you’re interested here is a recipe for making cancer;

* Expose your self to large amounts of radiation in the form of x-rays and ct scans.

* Make sure most of your food is processed.

* Eating cancer causing food which contains chemical preservatives, e.g. salami.

* Eating lots of refined sugar which is cancer cells natural food.

* Avoiding anti-cancer food which is fresh food in its natural state.

* Using too many toxic chemicals, many of them in personal care products.

* Avoiding natural sunlight.

* Live a sedentary lifestyle.

So when a doctor tells a patient there was nothing they could have done to stop the cancer that is not true. A doctor is only repeating what he knows and they don’t know how cancer is made or even the causes of it. Cancer is a degenerative disease and all degenerative diseases can be reversed, it is never too late to do something about it.

Cancer is a modern day problem, there was very little of it 40 to 50 years ago. It is only man and the animals he controls that are troubled by cancer. It is a complex disease and man will never fully understand it and he doesn’t need to. All you have to do if you’re dealing with cancer is to just rely on nature to help you remove it. Nature produces the perfect food for humans which is our medicine and all you have to do is to eat it. Nature provides the cure for cancer.

To remove cancer once it has been diagnosed you must respect the laws of Mother Nature and eat and live as we are supposed to.

Here is the recipe for removing cancer;

* Eat a plant based diet.

* Make sure the food you eat is fresh and no one has interfered with it.

* Get a little exercise everyday, it’s important.

* Avoid chemicals, we are surrounded by them.

* Have a positive outlook.

Remember your body strives to heal itself automatically every single day. What you need to do to assist it is to remove the barrier that’s been stopping it from healing. A strict natural diet and other simple lifestyle changes will do this.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specialising in nutrition. He has researched all aspects of cancer and how our diet is closely related to the disease. For more common sense information on effective ways to overcome cancer using the powerful natural healing ability of the human body; please visit www.cancerhealed.com http://www.cancerhealed.com

Reason why there is so much Skin Cancer today.

The cause of skin cancer and melanomas does not lie entirely with the sun. If it did our ancestors would not have survived and we wouldn’t be here. It was almost unheard of 100 years ago and it’s been slowly increasing over the last 40 to 50 years. Cases of melanomas have doubled in the U.K. in the past 30 years. The sun hasn’t got any stronger and the ozone layer is still intact, but the foods we consume on a daily basis have changed vastly. It’s the sun, combined with nutritional deficiency that causes skin cancer. It’s the irritation caused by the sun burn that will determine where the cancer will take hold, but it’s the nutritional deficiencies and other lifestyle factors that causes it to grow, that’s why it keeps appearing after treatments. The only ways to cure any skin cancers or melanomas are to address the underlying causes.

Cancer is not a 100 different diseases as we have become to believe but one disease in over 100 different locations. All cancers have mostly common causes. Remember that many people get skin cancer in areas of the body that don’t see a lot of the sun, like the soles of the feet or the palms of the hands. Also dark skin people get skin cancer just as much as fair skin people. The reasons why a person develops any cancer are well known, and to cure it, all these issues you must address.

The underlying causes are our lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, the use of too many toxic chemicals, many of which are know to be carcinogenic, our sedentary lifestyle, which because of it, our built in defence system which is our immune system has become sluggish and lastly emotional stress which does have a major health impact on the human body, including cancer.

Melanomas can be very aggressive so if one wants to cure themselves, they need to address all the factors mentioned above. Today we consume many foods which are not suitable for human consumption. For instance, processed foods which nearly all contain fat, salt or refined sugar and those 3 items are known contributors to cancer. The toxic chemicals we use on a daily basis which are mostly in personal care products and are absorbed into our body through our pores. Then we can thank the ubiquitous automobile for our lack of exercise. We need exercise to rid the body of toxins, as it boosts the immune system making it work more efficiently.

Emotional stress or unresolved conflict, not letting go of a problem, which might be the loss of a close friend, a business crisis or bankruptcy can have a major effect on the immune system and all cancers are simply disease of a weak immune system.

There is no mystery about the causes of skin cancer or any other cancer. If you want to achieve a permanent cure, it is essential to eat freshly grown food everyday which is of paramount importance, remove all toxic chemicals, and get some exercise. If you are in the sun use some common sense and cover up during the hottest part of the day. That is the only way to become free of the disease-.for good!

Skin cancer and melanomas are an entirely preventable and curable disease and our modern medical approaches are not necessary the most effective approach to healing cancer patients.

Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years specializing in cancer. If you want to learn more about effective ways to heal cancer and what’s going on in the cancer industry, please visit Cancer Facts & Information. Cures, not just treatments.

Here are ways to help you overcome Ovarian Cancer.

There is a reason why one gets ovarian cancer because the rate is rising and its specific factors are our modern day living which is responsible. Pinpointing the reasons is the key to help solve the problem. 100 years ago ovarian cancer was unheard of; today it’s a common disease. It has been described as a silent killer because there are very few symptoms and by time it is diagnosed it is well advanced.

While our orthodox medical system does have its share of successes with some leukaemia’s and lymphomas, unfortunately the most common cancers including ovarian cancer are as resistance to their treatments today as they were 40 to 50 years ago.

With this information in mind, when my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2001 our approach in overcoming the disease was to apply a strict natural diet. She was operated on within a week of diagnoses and was given a total hysterectomy. Unfortunately by this time the cancer had spread to her surrounding organs and we were informed that nothing more could be done.

Prior to this we had both been great advocates of the Gerson diet so it was with this diet that we turned to, starting it as soon as she was able to eat again. She regained her appetite very quickly and the cancer never advanced any further. 2 years later she was declared totally cancer free and today, 7 years on she is still in good health, her cancer long gone.

What most people fail to realize is that the human body possesses a superb system of natural defences against all diseases including cancer and when one applies this strict natural therapy the body has the ability to heal and regulate itself.

It is said that the causative factors of ovarian cancer are acrylamides in food which are produced by baked, fried or roasting food, or by the use of talcum powder, especially when it’s applied around the genital area but I’m sure those factors didn’t apply in our case.

You may be told that your ovarian cancer is genetic and has been caused by a change in your genes, but those changes will probably have been brought about by one’s lifestyle, the toxic environment and bad diets. Our diets today have a huge impact on why there is now so much cancer.

Healing of ovarian cancer is quicker and more effective if the person takes central responsibility for his or her own health and has an active involvement in the healing process. The appropriate diet and lifestyle changes are your first line of defence. A true cure for cancer will only be achieved when a patient stimulates their own bodies defence system.

Alan Wighton is an independent health researcher, having spent many years specializing in cancer. If you want to learn more about effective ways to heal cancer and what’s going on in the cancer industry, please visit Cancer Facts & Information. Cures, not just treatments.

Where is The cure For Cancer We’ve Been Promised

We are not winning the war against cancer and our medical system doesn’t have the answers to the problem. It’s our number two killer in western societies and yet we have been told for years that a breakthrough is just around the corner. War was declared on cancer back in 1971 so why now that over 40 years have past, we still only have the same ineffective treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy that were used back in those early days.

Cancer has baffled doctors and research scientists for years and while they understand a little more now days, the number of people dying from the disease is still increasing. The reason why it is increasing lies with our modern medical system which is drug based which means profit. While we have a superb health care system if we break a leg or have an accident, when it comes to degenerative diseases such as cancer the system mostly fails.

Here is the truth about cancer and why they can’t find a cure for it. It is one disease in a hundred different locations and the growth is just the symptom of the disease. The growth itself is a sign that something is wrong with the entire body so that’s why removing only the growth seldom solves the problem. Our medical system focuses solely on removing cancer but what they should be doing is treating the malfunctioning body that caused it to grow in the first place.

We believe we have medical freedom in the choice of treatments but with cancer we don’t. The options being pushed by our mainstream medical system are nothing more than ineffective toxic treatments all owned by the -for profit- cancer industry. It’s a multi billion dollar industry that is turning patients into profit centres as money has dominated our health care system.

There are many diseases that cannot be cured with drugs and cancer is one of them along with rickets, scurvy, pellagra and AIDS. The problem with these deficiency diseases is that to treat them successfully, no one can profit from them because there are only natural ways to overcome them. You have to correct the root cause of the problem and our three ways of treating cancer today will never do that.

Vast amounts of money have been spent in looking for new drugs to treat cancer but what they are looking for doesn’t exist. All cancers are caused by the way we are now living and because of it; our immune system has weakened and allowed these foreign cells to multiply. Common sense should tell you that you have to remove the factors that first caused it before you can overcome it.

Of course we are all being kept ignorant about cancer and we believe only our doctors can sort out complex problems like these. That’s why our medical system uses terminology we don’t understand which makes the average person feel ignorant and stupid. This keeps people from believing that they could never heal themselves.

People can heal themselves from any cancer and it’s been carried out thousands of times in the past. It is a far more effective and safer approach. It uses the power of our immune system which needs to be boosted which will then remove the cancer safely and of course without any side effects. It works with all cancers and it works for everyone.

A quick way to remove cancer is never the best way because it will only come back again and that’s when it becomes dangerous.

Alan Wighton is an experience health researcher specializing in cancer. A natural approach can have a far better outcome than our current way of treating the disease. To learn more about how the body can overcome health problems such as cancer go to; www.cancerhealed.com http://www.cancerhealed.com

How to Survive Cancer by using natural treatments

Most people believe there are only three ways to treat cancer and any other way has not been proven to work. What you will not be told is there are natural treatments to remove cancer growths from the body and when carried out properly not only works but removes it permanently so it can’t return. It’s a much better way to survive cancer and because it’s natural no one can profit from it.

A much better way to survive a diagnosis of cancer is to treat it naturally, and common sense will tell you that natural treatments work better for chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer as they address the causes or the reasons why they first appeared. All cancers can be beaten no matter where in the body they appear but you have to deal with the reasons why it first appeared and when you remove those reasons the body will heal itself through the immune system.

The cancer rate has been increasing alarmingly over the last few years and the reasons why are because the way we now live has changed, especially with the degraded food we are now eating. The food we eat is our fuel that helps keeps us healthy and disease free. The causes of cancer are well known and by removing those causes the body will strengthen and the immune system will then safely remove the growths. That’s how natural treatments work.

When you are treating cancer naturally these treatments have many advantages over our current methods in place today.

* Natural treatments attack all cancers wherever they appear in the body.

* Natural ways deal with the reasons why the growths first appeared and that means it won’t return.

* Natural ways strengthen the body, especially the immune system, and all cancers are a result of a weak immune system.

* This way of treating it is cheap because it is natural and no one can profit from it.

* All natural treatments are safe to use.

* They have no side effects.

To survive cancer it is essential to make lifestyle changes by improving your diet, getting an appropriate amount of exercise everyday and be mindful of any toxic chemicals you may be using as these are the main reasons why there is so much cancer now.

Improving your diet means removing the foods of convenience which are processed food and consuming food in their natural state which is freshly grown fruit and vegetables that have not been interfered with by man. A healthy diet such as this is designed to improve nutrition which will strengthen the body and the body will then treat the disease naturally.

Surviving cancer is also about supporting the immune system and there are only natural ways to do that. This is our built in self repair system we all have and that is why some exercise is important. Our immune system needs muscular activity to function properly as that’s the only way it will work efficiently.

Another big contributing factor to cancer is the chemicals we use so try and select more natural products when buying personal care products. Commercial personal care products pose the greatest threat as these products are applied directly to the skin and the chemicals within these products are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through the pores.

The human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself when given the right conditions. With a healthy diet, some exercise and other simple lifestyle changes to a more natural way of living you can provide those right conditions and survive cancer.

Dealing with only symptoms which are the growths themselves is of little help. To survive cancer means making changes to a more natural way of living and this will allow the body to heal itself.

Alan Wighton is an experienced natural therapist specializing in nutrition. This article is part of the information contained in his book on genuine ways to overcome cancer using the natural healing ability of the human body. If you are seeking information on how to become cancer free using these ways, please visit; naturalcancertreatments http://www.cancerhealed.com