Medical Tubing More than the eye can see

Medical tubing has been a critical and essential part of healthcare in the 21st century. These tubes help us deliver nutrients, blood and gases to patients who are in need of medical attention. As the years have gone by manufacturers have developed highly sophisticated tubes that have helped heal and save countless lives. Careful attention is placed on the development of these items to ensure they are safe to use in medical settings.

The typical medical grade tubing usually consists of non-toxic, lead free tubing that is also resistant to high temperature. The tubing must be approved by the FDA as well as be medically approved before entering the market to be purchased. To be approved they must pass strict quality tests and even after the initial test they are examined by continuous inspections. Veterinary medical fields also use tubing which must pass strict inspections as well.

Extruded tubing dates all the way back to the early 1930s. During this period of time catheters were in their infancy as was medical tubing. Over time as the technology behind catheters and tubing increased, so did the demand. This created a boom in business for the extrusion industry.

To accurately test these tubes, force testing must be completed. This testing is designed to help secure the functionality and consistency of the tubes. When tested a simple method of qualifying the devices mechanical characteristics takes place. These qualifications help aid the optimization of performance and conformance to regulated international standards. In the production stages of testing it provides a quick and inexpensive way of ensuring consistent quality. This helps prevent problems that could have damaging effects to a patient during future use. In addition, if a failure in the field is detected and proper testing was not completed, this could have serious monetary repercussions for the medical tubing manufacturer.

Medical tubing has had its share of issues over the years as well. Today manufacturers are still working together to come up with solutions to prevent tube mix ups. Ideally to prevent these mix ups major manufacturers need to come together and create devices that make certain connections incompatible with each other. A good example of this incompatibility theory can be found within the petroleum industry. Petroleum producers prevent certain types of gas from flowing into the incorrect kind of tank by using various types of pump nozzles for gasoline and diesel fuel. Hopefully in the future manufacturers can all work together to solve this issue.

What Is Medical Malpractice and Who Can Help A Victim of Medical Malpractice

Whether you visit your doctor for a routine check -up or enter the hospital as an emergency patient, you deserve and the law emphasizes that physicians deliver good quality medical care. Unfortunately, the medical system can collapse, physicians misdiagnose, hospital administrators delay treatment, leading to tragedy. Wrong doses of medication get administered by nurses accidentally, nurses fail to screen for allergic reactions. These are the few scenarios of medical malpractices; the list of potential medical malpractice is huge and limitless. The situation worsens, if the victim does not know his legal rights, which is often the case, thus leading to failure of claim for any sort of compensation. Do not let that happen to you or any of your friends if you find yourself in any of the above mentioned situations. Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers are at your service to guide you and get the best possible compensation for the damages incurred. Medical malpractice procedures are complicated and need thorough research, investigation and resources. The Chicago Illinois attorney you work with to file your medical malpractice claim will have an extensive impact on the results of your case. Contrary to popular belief, medical malpractice does not always occur due to the desire of quick money on the part of the physician and hospital administrator, at times it happens due to negligence of the hospital authorities. Almost all personal injury medical claims are very severe. Many a time victims hire personal injury lawyers to file a claim for personal injury, but finally come to the conclusion that the case qualifies as medical malpractice one-wherein the victim suffered due to a significant breach in precisely how a doctor, medical center or nurse has cared for a patient.

If you have been handled by a medical doctor or surgeon and have been injured as a result of them differing from approved health-related techniques, then you might have a very legitimate injuries claim. If you know of anybody who has passed away as a result of mishandling by a medical doctor or low quality care at a medical unit, you absolutely have a genuine claim. But it’s not as simple as it might sound; the process of filing a claim and receiving compensation is a very complex one. You need to retain the services of an expert personal injury attorney. Chicago injury Lawyer are very well trained in the laws of your specific state and know to what extent a medical professional can be made accountable.

What exactly constitutes medical malpractice in Illinois?

Under Illinois law, doctors must exercise their skills and take necessary care while performing their duties. If they fail in their duty and an injury results that causes damages, you can file a claim under the category of medical mal practice.

Who can help a medical malpractice victim?

Do not get confused by the difference in term, there is no specific medical malpractice lawyer; you have to get hold of a personal injury attorney if you want guidance in filing a claim for compensation on grounds of medical malpractice. The Chicago personal injury attorneys adopt a proven approach to malpractice case evaluations. The legal experts (including an on staff physician) will examine your medical record and process your case. The diligent, comprehensive approach gets results very good result. Going by statistics, more than 6,000 Chicago area personal injury clients have been helped out over the past 15 years. They will leverage huge resources to accomplish the maximum possible settlement or verdict for your personal injury case.

The Law Offices of Steven J. Malman & Associates have some of the most experienced medical malpractice attorneys in Illinois. To get a top notch lawyer to help with your Chicago medical malpractice case now, call 1-888-MALMAN LAW (1-888-625-6265) or e-mail Your consultation with them completely free, and you have no obligation to retain them. They also offer a comprehensive no fee guarantee to minimize your resource investment and maximize their motivation.

Lytec Medical Billing Software

One of the most widely use software in the area of medical billing is the Lytec medical billing software. Many professionals completely rely on this software for assistance in billing, coding and insurance reimbursement.

Around for nearly two decades Lytec medical billing software, since 1989 have proved indispensable for thousands of medical billing pros who have found it to be a trustworthy tool to operate their businesses.

What is it that makes Lytec so trustworthy? It is not the brand reputation nor the marketing hype, but rather its unique combination of a proven technical superiority and personalized services which make the brand so popular amongst all other brands available in the market. The software not only hikes up profitability of the business, but also helps in economizing on costs as well.

Nearly 20 years after the first Lytec software hit the market a newer and improved system has been launched the Lytec 2005. As incredible as it may sound more than 40000 systems got sold out within the first few months of its introduction. Thus Lytec clearly emerged as the market leader in practice management and medical billing software segment. The software delivers exactly what is needed by its user, including patient accounting, insurance billing, claims tracking, accounts receivable, and appointment scheduling.

If you wish to smarten up yur business, there is no alternative to Lytec medical billing software. Thousands of users unanimously agree that it is not only an asset in the office but an invaluable tool for the entire healthcare management scenario.

The job of a medical billing person is strewn with attention to details and superior levels of accuracy. There is hardly any place for glitches or errors, however small they may be.

What are the additional value-added features of the trusted Lytec medical billing software? Firstly, it is HIPPA or, Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act compliant. Incidentally, this Act has certain laid-down guidelines which every medical practice has to abide by. This has been mandatory by the US government. With this software, because of its built-in HIPPA compatibility, you need not take the trouble of familiarizing yourself with all the complex systems as the software does all that for you.

The other features which this soft ware has and which make it stand out from the rest include: ApptBox, Electronic Claims Processing, AccuScrubber MX, Direct Claims, and more. The AccuScrubber is an additional program which can be loaded on to your computer which allows you to review any healthcare claim. It is perfectly compatible with the Lytec medical billing software and does not cause any errors or hurdles during its operation. It simply adds more value to the overall system.

The ApptBox is a type of automated communication system which permits any physician’s office to confirm a patients’ appointment and other communication related functions.

Perhaps the best in terms of functionality, value-additions and convenience, the Lytec medical billing software has proved to be an asset for the user and the using companies.

Free STM news service for professionals in the scientific and medical industry

STM publishing market grew 4.4% to $14.7 billion in 2007 (Source: Simba). There are hundreds and thousands of publishers who compete for a share of this market pie. Thanks to the emergence of technology enabled business models, the publishing industry has witnessed intense competition in the last few years.

Free scientific news, medical news and stm news service for professionals who need to understand and respond to the continuous challenges of the scientific technical and medical (STM) publishing industry. Launched in June 2005, the service has become the benchmark for online STM news and is widely subscribed by people who matter in the STM publishing industry across over 70 nations. The science related news not only helps the professional it will helps the normal users also.

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Medical Marketing Tips How to Use a Blog to Promote Your Medical Practice

If you are a doctor and youre not blogging, the question is: why not? Blogging is a powerful method of medical marketing that helps you get your name out there, connect with potential patients, and generate more business. You might be wondering why on earth you would take time out of your busy schedule as a physician to write for free. Well, heres why.

For one, if youre far too busy to blog yourself, you can always hire a ghostwriter to write your blog posts for you, and then review each blog post to ensure that you approve of its content and request changes if necessary. Secondly, blog posts arent difficult to write. Even if you just take 30 minutes out of your day, you can write a pretty decent blog post. Blog posts tend to be shorter than other kinds of online articles, and they are written in a casual tone.

Surely, you already have a website for your medical practice. If not, you absolutely need to get one. In this day and age, in order to attract new patients, its essential for a portion of your medical marketing campaign to be conducted online. The majority of adults search for health information online and when they need to go to the doctor, they do a quick online search to find doctors in their area. You need to make sure that you have a search engine-optimized website that people can find when they search online. People are more likely to trust you and choose you as their doctor if you have a presence online. Blogs help you expand that presence and give your practice more credibility.
The main purpose of having a blog is to connect with your patients and potential patients. Now, clearly, you wouldnt use a blog to talk about what happens in your practice or how your day was. However, you could use a blog to discuss the latest treatments in your field, recent medical breakthroughs, and other general information. When people browse online for medical information and find your site, they are likely to trust you as a good source of information since you are a doctor. This helps you build authority within your medical field as well as online.

Another important benefit of blogging is that you can connect with your readers on a personal level. Your blog readers will comment on blog posts you write that they find interesting, and you can then respond to their comments. As a result of blogging, you can connect with your patients and potential patients. People will think of you as a friendly, approachable doctor rather than one who is too busy to give them the time of day. This personal connection is important because it helps you attract more patients to your practice.

Blogging is also beneficial because it gives your online presence a major boost. People arent the only ones who love blogs; search engines do too. Blogs are constantly updated and the search engines like content-rich sites that are fresh and frequently updated. Furthermore, a blog connected to your main website makes it easier for search engine robots to crawl and index your site. And most importantly, content is considered king online. Both people and search engines love great content. Great content attracts links on other relevant sites and blogs, which then leads to a higher search engine ranking. Search engines judge the popularity and relevance of your site based on the number of links back to your site that accumulate on other websites.

Blogging also makes it easier for you to participate in social media because you have something that you can immediately share and use to attract attention to yourself and your practice. By joining a site like Twitter, you can post updates, or “tweets,” each time you write a new blog post. If the blog posts are good, other Twitter users will “re-tweet” them and spread them across the twitterverse. Social media marketing is like word-of-mouth on steroids, and when used properly, it can catapult you to both online and offline fame.

So, what are you waiting for? If your medical marketing plan doesnt include blogging, consider adding a blog to your current website. The more you update the blog, the better, but you can even update it as little as once or twice per week if you are too busy to dedicate any more time to it than that. There are a number of doctors and hospitals that have used blogging and social media to generate publicity and attract new patients, and you can do the same. Start a blog today if you want to increase awareness about your practice and generate publicity both online and offline.

Advantages of Medical Related Technologies

What are EMRs? EMRs or electronic medical records are technologies widely used in the US today which aims to improve medical practices in different health care providers or institutions, such as in a hospital, by giving them a way to quickly and efficiently store, access, and modify their patients medical records.

Advantages of EMR over the use of Paper-Based Records
EMR was introduced to eliminate the use of paper-based records in different health care institution, which is still a widely used form of recording a patients health and medical information. According to experts, by eliminating the use of paper-based records, EMR also eliminates the usual adverse effects of using pen and paper, such as:

Storage Costs
Patients health and medical records are normally stored in a secured storage facility for 7 years. The cost of storing these records is usually expensive, particularly if stored in a secured storage facility normally found outside a hospital or other health care institutions.

Digital storages, usually in a Hard Disk Drive, normally cost lesser compared to the use of storage facilities. And this digital information produced by an EMR can be storage not only for 7 years, but for more than that time.

Medical Errors
The use of paper-based records also posed a number of problems which caused a number of medical errors. Handwritten paper medical records can be associated with poor legibility, which can contribute to medical errors. Pre-printed forms, the standardization of abbreviations, and standards for penmanship were encouraged to improve reliability of paper medical records.

Electronic records help with the standardization of forms, terminology and abbreviations, and data input. Digitization of forms facilitates the collection of data for epidemiology and clinical studies.

According to a number of studies, the use of EMR software can verall efficiency by 6% per year, and the monthly cost of an EMR may (depending on the cost of the EMR) be offset by the cost of only a few “unnecessary” tests or admissions.

Difference with EHR
EMR and EHR are said to be similar with each other. However, there are several differences that separate both types of electronic records. The EMR can be defined as the legal patient record created in hospitals and ambulatory environments that is the data source for the EHR.

Elite Aesthetic, Medical & Business Training – Professional Medical Training In Florida

ELITE Medical Training is world renowned for the quality and expertise of their aesthetic medical training programs, led by experienced professionals within the industry.

The aesthetic medical training programs designed by ELITEs medical professionals, encompass several years of industry experience with the latest evolving trends in theory and practice.

ELITE is comprised of a team of over ten experts, including noted aesthetic medical professionals like:

Oksana Kless, M.D., Ph.D.

Twyla Norsworthy, M.D. – OB/GYN

Jesalyn Taylor, M.D.

Kimberly Crawford, M.D., F.A.C.P.M.

Goar de Lamerens, M.D.

Hugh A. Coleman, D.O., P.A.

Paula Gill, D.M.D.

Mike Van Thielen, P.T., A.P., O.M.D.

Greg Carder, A.P., O.M.D.

Randy Marscherz, Engineer.

Rest assured, with a prodigious team of experts for quality instruction in courses, students obtain a fantastic wealth of knowledge and experience from ELITE Medical Training and their aesthetic medical training programs.

Courses are offered in a variety of environments to suit the learning style and needs of each individual. ELITE Medical Training considers that one training option is not superior to another for aesthetic medical practice. In fact, a content and comfortable learning environment is more essential. Consequently, ELITE offers 4 different options for aesthetic medical training and education:

Option 1: Private Training

Option 2: Seminars

Option 3: Webinars

Option 4: Online Training

For those who prefer hands – on education, ELITE delivers private training, where a qualified ELITE professional directly trains a medical practice at their own schedule with their choice of curriculum. Therefore, a prospective student acquires personal training with ELITE experts at face value.

Medical Training Florida.

For those who live in Florida, ELITE is located in Ormond Beach and often provide particular medical training programs in Florida. Courses are similar to other training sessions by ELITE with the added value of convenience for those who are located in Florida.

ELITE also delivers seminars and webinars for ELITE medical training and ELITE aesthetic training. The seminars allow prospective students to interact with presenters, provide them with the option to learn hands on and ask questions. Attendees of ELITE seminars have not only found the educational experience to be quite enriching but have also found industry connections through networking. The webinars offer something similar without the added bonus of hands-on experience and social interaction, however, students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the online lecture.

Finally, there are aesthetic training programs online from ELITE Medical Training. A medical professional can gain instruction at their own pace, save on the expenses of travel and enjoy course instruction in the comfort of their own home.

To learn more about the programs offered by ELITE Medical Training and medical training in Florida, contact an ELITE representative today, or, for more information, visit EliteAMBT.

The Truth About Home Based Medical Transcription Work

Here are the truths about medical transcription that you can use as a guide if you are thinking of going into this industry and taking up proper medical transcription training.

1. The medical transcription sector is growing.
This is true. Along with the global increase in demand for health care services, the transcription sector is also growing. As more and more patients require proper health care, the efficient recording and retrieval of patient’s records, analysis and doctor recommendations is becoming more critical to performing fast and accurate service. This caused an increase in demand for well trained medical transcriptionists.
Since technology is the primary platform when doing transcription tasks (connected computers and data access and retrieval), it can be performed in any location as long as those who perform the transcription have fast and dependable way to receive audio recordings, process the recordings to text format and send it back to the source of the audio recordings.
This gives rise to work at home transcriptionists who have dependable internet connection, fast computers at home, and have the necessary transcription equipments.

2. You don’t need to become a certified medical transcriptionist.
At present, a valid certificate is not yet a government mandated requirement when applying for medical transcription job though it is ideal to get certified since it will add to your reputation. On most occasions hospitals and companies hiring medical transcriptionists won’t even ask if you are or not a certified medical transcriptionist. What matters most is you have the proper training and appropriate work experience.

3. Medical Transcription Job requires specialized knowledge.
Some people may say that performing a transcription task is easy and won’t require proper knowledge or can be easily learned. This is wrong. The truth is a transcription jobs require specialized knowledge. Sure, using a computer and word processing software is easy but that doesn’t mean you can easily adapt to the language used by doctors. Converting the audio recordings to its text equivalent will require a working knowledge of all the medical terms, procedures and human anatomy. Most of the audio to be transcribed will contain medical abbreviations, and the transcriptionist is required to understand these abbreviations and medical terms.

4. You need proper education.
Similar to what I mentioned above, a transcription job will require specialized knowledge. So, if you are really thinking of starting a career in this industry then be prepared to take formal training. Proper education is required when you’ve decided to start a transcription career and presently you have two options for training. One is to take the training online (which will allow you to study at your own pace at the comfort of your house). Online training usually take up to 8 months to 1 year. If you want classroom interaction then you can apply for an on-campus training which on average will take you up to two years to finish.

5. Medical Transcription is not a get rich quick scheme.
Just to make sure that we are on the same page, keep in mind that a transcription job is not a get rich quick scheme.
So if on your search for a medical transcription job you bump into an ad that tells you how you can make money overnight with medical transcription even for those without experience and ask you to pay them for a list of where to apply, then it should turn-on a red light.
A medical transcription job is something you’ll have to study for or have years of experience doing before you can apply for available jobs or become a home based transcription professional.

The Importance of Hospital Billing in the Medical Community

The medical industry is comprised of many divisions and sections which all work together to offer patients a positive experience. This is true whether services are provided through an emergency care center, doctor’s office or any of the many types of medical help offices available. While many will focus on procedures performed at various hospitals and treatment centers, medical service administrative functions are equally as important, including hospital billing.

Hospital billing brings together charges based upon patient stays or procedures performed at a hospital. By coordinating with doctors’ offices throughout the community, this financial department can ensure a smooth relationship between doctors and patients. Because the medical billing process can be complicated, it is important for all entities involved to check information and avoid any discrepancies the patient might find.

While many hospitals employ their own accounting departments, the practice of outsourcing accounting services has risen over the years. This practice can save money while offering a more streamlined process to keep errors to a minimum. Outside sources work hard to provide state-of-the-art technology that can keep transaction costs down while eliminating problems such as fraud. Finding a service that can balance the complexity of a medical network can be a cost saving option that is valuable in economic down times.

In order to maintain a smooth accounting process, doctors should be willing to coordinate their own billing practices with the medical community. If they choose not to participate, errors might occur due to inconsistencies between accounting sources. Doctors should consider being on the same system as community hospitals in order to experience the best value for money invested.

Many healthcare practice management companies exist to provide integrated accounts receivable services for medical communities. Offering professional services with highly experienced staff and management, they often provide a group package at considerable savings that can encompass the entire community’s needs for consistent accounting and collections. Through proven success with the companies they represent, healthcare billing services enable doctors and medical services to focus on their patients’ needs and provide excellent health care.

Medical accounts receivable services will cover all aspects of hospital billing. This includes insurance transactions and follow-up as well as self-pay with follow-up and third-party payments. All aspects of the process will be scrutinized and followed through so that patients can enjoy a more relaxed experience at potentially trying times. Allowing for a more personal patient/doctor relationship, the right hospital billing service can work with the medical community to put an end to financial headaches while making doctors’ practices and hospitals’ procedures more profitable.

San Pedro Medical Marijuana Menu – Types of Products to Choose From

If you suffer from any chronic medical conditions and live within the port city of San Pedro in the greater Los Angeles area, you may wish to visit your local dispensary to find out more about how medical marijuana could potentially help you. By visiting a co-op or legal dispensary, you can be sure that the selections on the San Pedro medical marijuana menu comply with the rules set forth by Proposition 215 and SB 420. There are a number of medical conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana, including Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, HIV, cancer, and glaucoma.

These are just a few conditions, however, so if you experience pain or discomfort it’s best to speak to your doctor about whether or not medical marijuana may be right for you. Once you have received medical clearance, you can then take a look at the San Pedro medical marijuana menu to determine which product will be the best for your particular needs. There are many different types of marijuana strains, all of which have slightly different effects. Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains are available at different weights, which you can purchase to be inhaled.

One of the first types of strains that you will see listed on any San Pedro medical marijuana menu is marijuana Sativa. This type of herb has an active profile, meaning that it is more stimulating than other options. It can be used to stimulate appetite, relieve pain, elevate mood, and reduce nausea. This makes it ideal for the treatment of depression, eating disorders, tension, or migraine headaches. Another option is marijuana Indica, which exerts a calming effect on the body. It can be used to help with insomnia, anxiety, stress, arthritis, or other problems of this nature.

Hybrid blends will have their own characteristics of these two primary strains. However, there are other options that you will find on a San Pedro medical marijuana menu. Those who don’t enjoy smoking marijuana can choose from an array of edible options, for example. Tinctures, oils, baked goods, and snacks that have been infused with THC can be used to control symptoms. Because these can be more potent than the herb when it is inhaled, it’s always a good idea to start out with the lowest dose possible and then move up if needed. Always speak to your doctor before starting any new program.