How To Achieve A Healthy Bmi

Your body mass index, or as it is known in short BMI is a representation of your health based on your height and weight. Health professionals around the world use your BMI to determine whether someone is overweight or clinically obese. It is used as a simple method of working out whether someones weight is putting their health at risk. So just how do you calculate your BMI and how do you know what is considered normal?

You can find out what your BMI is by entering your weight and height into a BMI calculator, of which there are numerous on the Internet. Alternatively, if you dont have access to the Internet you can simply visit your GP or local health centre where youre body mass index can be calculated for you. So if you weigh 137 pounds and your height is 56 your BMI will be 22.1, which is within the normal range, meaning your body mass is healthy. A healthy body mass index should fall between 18.5 and 24.9; if yours is over 24.9 then you are considered to be overweight and a person whose body mass is under 18.5 is considered underweight.

Your body mass index is important to aspects of your health. For example if you are considered to be overweight then you are at a greater risk of developing serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, having a stroke and developing certain cancers.

It is however important to keep in mind that the results of your BMI is only one representation of your measure of health. There are many other factors that play an important role in your health and having a healthy BMI doesnt mean your body is in perfect health. Sometimes it can underestimate body fat in older people and those who have lost muscle fat. In other cases it can sometimes overestimate body fat in athletes and those who have a muscular build. In most cases however you should take it as a good estimate of your weight, so what do you do if you fall into the under or overweight categories? It is important that if you are currently in these categories that you try and get your body mass index into what is classed as normal.

Losing or gaining weight should be done in a healthy manner. You should start by manipulating the BMI calculator in order to find out how much weight you need to lose or gain. You need to work out where you are currently with your health and where you want to be. Once you are at this stage you can let in some outside help to change your diet, fitness regime and overall health.

You need a good weight management program that creates a diet plan to suit your taste, an exercise plan that targets your trouble areas and a lifestyle plan that will help you with your weight problem. For example you may be advised that the best diet for you is the low GI diet, which helps you achieve faster weight loss and reduces the chance of re-gaining the weight; it does this by decreasing your body fat not muscle or water mass, it increases satiety and reduces hunger pangs.

As well as being advised on the correct diet you will be advised on the right exercise plan. Some great examples of this are high-paced walking, moderate swimming and cycling.

There is plenty of help available when it comes to reducing your body mass index through the right diet and exercise; all you have to do is make sure that you choose the right plan for your situation. So dont go it alone, take advantage of the help that is available to you and get a healthy BMI now!

Eczema Treatment Program

Otherwise know by the general term “eczema,” atopic dermatitis is a chronic and on-going skin condition. The symptoms are usually dry, very itchy, and irritated skin that may need daily care. Atopic dermatitis appears before the age of five, in the majority of suffers and about 50% of those people will continue to have symptoms for the rest of their adult lives.

Use non-fragrant moisturizers like Vaseline to keep your skin from cracking or getting irritated. Remember, no one’s discovered a cure for eczema yet. It’s still lurking and waiting to come back.

It’s best to resist any urges to scratch your self. You could actually break your skin and cause an infection. Plus it makes it harder to heal.

Prepare oil by boiling 200 grams of mustard oil in an iron vessel to which 50 grams of fresh clean leaves of neem are added. Once these leaves turn black, allow it to cool and then strain it. Application of this oil four times a day on the affected regions can cure eczema. Application of mashed papaya seeds on the eczema-affected parts can help to reduce itching and severity of the condition.

The best time to moisturize your skin is when the skin is warm and the pores are open. This allows the moisturizer to sink in deeper into your skin, and keep the skin hydrated for longer. The best option is to apply the cream after a warm bath. Also you carry around a small pot of cream with you so that you can continue to moisturize throughout the day.

Mild steroid creams, such as Dermacort or Lanacort can calm flare-ups of eczema by suppressing your body’s inflammatory response. You should ask the pharmacist’s advice or see your GP before using any steroid cream. The stronger steroids are only available on prescription. You should continue to use emollients at the same time as steroid creams.

You also want to make sure that during this time, you’re making your child as comfortable as possible. Even young babies will try to scratch the eczema in order to give themselves the relief that they desire, so make sure that you keep their nails short during this time. You should also keep soft sheets on their crib, just so that they do not end up rubbing their face against the rough sheets in order to give themselves relief and irritate the problem further.

Eczema – Was it a MIRACLE or purely Coincidental

Infected persons of the skin disease/disorder eczema are in the millions, it is an uncomfortable road ahead for any sufferer while treatments are carried out to control the symptoms.

One of the offending symptoms is that of intense itching; a sufferer finds contentment in scratching the offending area where they sometimes use an instrument like a hairbrush, which can be very dangerous therefore making the condition worse. In some cases the whole of the body is massacred and abused by this disease from head to toe. The skin of the patient is crusted with scaly patches creases and cracks. Areas behind the back of the knee caps in between the elbows even the private parts I found to be the worse nook and crannies infected by eczema.

Unaware with his/her compulsive scratching the patient has not realised that they have caused the cracked skin to become an open wound, which is now vulnerable to infections. Adults have a far better chance in controlling eczema than that of kiddies. Young children do not understand how serious this complaint can escalate into if attacked by the human hands.

This skin disease can be so severe at times where patients are wet wrapped and admitted to hospital. Eczema if brought in contact with certain substances can irate the skin of the sufferer even more, causing the ailment to flare up and react in many different nasty ways. Please check with your local GP on these irritants that causes more pain and suffering to the patient.

Steroid creams are prescribed in severe cases and is very commonly used to ease and control this vicious skin disorder. We also have herbal remedies and cures. I state most importantly before buying over the shop counter that you consult your doctor.

Is it a miracle?

I entered the house of God on the day of my little baby sons christening. His face covered with spots and his red raw weeping neck made me feel helpless as a mother. My little boy was ravished from head to toe with eczema.

Onto my little baby with no name at the time I blessed him while at the same time sprinkling a little holy water onto his neck.

The eczema was still with him for many years, but his neck was cleared of the eczema from that very day. I sometimes now wish I had had held him by the heel just like Achilles mother.

I will never know was this a miracle or just a coincidence. What I do know is that you believe in what you want to believe so I end this article with a thank you to GOD.

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The Source of Teas that Fight Strokes Heart Disease and Cancer – the Amazing Tea Tree

Camellia sinensis.

This is the scientific name for the tea plant. It is native to south east Asia which explains why China was the birthplace of the tea industry. Did you know that all types of tea come from this plant? The differences come from the fact that there are two varieties, the time of picking and the method of processing. Green tea is the least processed, in fact it is not really processed, thus preserving the natural compounds that are reputed to do you good.

But what good can drinking tea do for you? Depending on the type, research indicates that in certain cases it can assist your body to heal itself or stay healthy:

– Digestion
– Anti-bacterial action
– Slimming
– Cancer prevention
– Heart (blood vessel suppleness and cholesterol levels)
– help keep strokes at bay
– Tooth care
– Longevity/anti-aging
– Menopause symptoms
– Menstrual cramps

But the research on humans is not widespread and utterly conclusive. However, pure, organic loose teas taste good whether they do you good or not.

OK, back to Camellia.

It is a small shrub which has small white fragrant blossom during late winter and the spring. In warmer climes is grown outdoors as an ornamental garden plant – the leaves are a bright green and often have a hairy underside making the plant tactile as well as a visual ornamental. The fruits are a dull brown-green. Left wild, it grows to a tree standing just less than 20m in height so to grow it as an ornamental will normally require pruning. Propagation is normally by cutting as it is notoriously hard to raise from seed. The reason for that is that if the seeds are dried, viability is reduced – they need to be planted fresh whilst they are still moist. However, if the seeds are stored in moist conditions at a temperature a little above freezing, they can remain viable for a year or more. It prefers a slightly acidic well drained sandy soil. Chinese tea is produced from the hardier variety Camellia sinensis var. sinensis which is hardy to about -5 degrees C. The leaves are more delicate than its Indian counterpart Camellia sinensis var. assamica.

In cooler climates such as Northern Europe, the plant can be grown in a greenhouse. The ideal climate will have warm wet summers and moderately cold but dry winters. If you have an alkaline soil, it Camellia sinensis grows well in a container so no problem there. When planting an established bush, for example one bought from a garden centre, add plenty of organic material to the hole, well rotted compost or leaf mould is perfect. Do not plant it too deeply; the base of the stem should be a little higher (around a couple of centimetres) than the surrounding soil. Mulching with bark or whatever will help the plant to establish by retaining moisture and minimising freeze-thaw during the winter. A newly planted camellia sinensis should be watered weekly, unless there has been a lot of rain. During the first winter, water during dry spells if the weather is mild and the ground is un-frozen. There is little need to feed the plant, if you do, a light application of an acidic fertiliser can be made in early spring. Pruning is done to shape, control the height and to remove dead or leggy branches. If you need to prune heavily, do it in early spring before the new growth appears.

For growing at home, it is best to spend money on an established plant; it can take many years for a new plant to reach maturity and begin to flower. If you are not growing it for purely ornamental purposes, you can pick the young leaves and shoots and dry them in different ways to make your very own green or oolong tea. To make oolong, the initial drying needs to be in the sun, for green tea the initial drying needs to be in the shade. Oolongs are usually rolled into small balls. That breaks the cells and allows some fermentation to occur, which gives the characteristic oolong flavour. Harvesting your Camellia can take place throughout the growing season. In the tea industry, the harvests are referred to as ‘flushes’, early spring is the time of the first flush harvest, late spring and early summer the second flush and late summer into the autumn is the final flush.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for entertainment only; it is not a medical guide. If you suffer from any of the medical conditions mentioned you should consult your GP for advice specific to your own personal situation. Likewise, the care of your tea plant is your responsibility. Please ensure that you double check our information and consult the grower from whom you purchase your tea tree. We cannot accept any liability for the health of your plant; there are too many variables that are beyond our control. Should you decide to make your own tea from your plant, we strongly recommend that you consult a professional with detailed knowledge in order to avoid problems.

Rising Cost of Healthcare

The cost of healthcare treatment in worldwide continues to rise rapidly, an no where is this more demonstrably true than in Hong Kong. At current rates of medical inflation, Hong Kong will soon rival the USA as the worlds most expensive location for medical care.

Hong Kong is currently experiencing a high level of economic buoyancy, having been quick to recover from the global financial crisis of 2008 2009, and this is driving more and more people to seek a higher standard of private healthcare. As a result of this increased demand, the availability of high quality private medical treatment has become limited, and this in turn has served to increase the overall costs of private healthcare in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately for healthcare consumers, these increased costs of medical treatment are now being passed down in the form of increased medical insurance premiums.

Hong Kong is currently listed as the second most expensive place in the world to receive medical treatment after the USA, and the costs associated with medical treatment in Hong Kong are likely to continue to rise in the short term.

A standard general practitioners (GP) consultation in the USA will cost a federal average of US$100 approximately. By contrast, a patient choosing to utilize the private healthcare system in Hong Kong will often be charged over US$100 simply for walking through the door. The Matilda hospital, for example, has an average GP consultation charge of US$ 102, while the Sanatorium hospital prices are typically closer to US$153 for the same services.

It is true that the number one cause for personal bankruptcy in the USA is an inability to pay costly medical bills, and when examining the cost associated with a number of typical medical procedures it is easy to see why a large portion of the population has a difficult time affording quality healthcare. The average cost associated with a Routine Maternity delivery, for example, will be an estimated US$ 7,600 in America in many cases a significant portion of a familys annual income. That same procedure in a Hong Kong hospital can cost between US$ 7,197 to US$ 8,500. While it is understandable that medical fees will trend upwards over time, it is also clear that the rise of these costs is getting slightly out of hand.

While President Obama has made significant process towards the reformation of the American Healthcare system, there are still some fairly major issues to be addressed not the least of which is the actual cost of medical services rather than the insurance coverage for the same.

How Magnesium Supplements Can Reverse Heart Damage

Liquid magnesium supplements bring hope to heart disease and blood pressure patients who have tried drugs and remedies that have not worked. The secret lies in the fact that these patients lack magnesium, which is the most essential mineral to the human body. This mineral helps the functioning of potassium, calcium and sodium.

Since magnesium blocks calcium, it helps to dilate blood vessels that are constricted due to vascular spasms and atherosclerosis. It can reverse atherosclerosptic plaques and it helps to excrete excess sodium. It also bonds with potassium in order to help regulate the patient’s blood pressure.

Certain elements such as calcium and lead can cause the blood pressure to be raised, but this can be prevented by magnesium. Blood pressure can be lowered when magnesium reverses the effects of calcification of the blood vessels. In the process, high cholesterol and thrombo-embolism will also be lowered. In the same way, magnesium helps every cell in the human body. Apart from its benefits to the heart, it helps the nerves to be alert and the muscle to be strong. Studies have proven that daily supplementation with a quality liquid magnesium supplement can benefit even those patients with ailing hearts.

Heart patients who take magnesium supplements have been able to exercise for longer periods of time. The magnesium protects their hearts from damage due the the strain of exercise. Studies have also shown that magnesium can restore the ability of blood vessels to open up when the body needs more blood. Since cells that are magnesium deficient are more vulnerable, heart disease patients require liquid magnesium supplements. The element has the ability to fend off stress at a cellular level.

Unfortunately, doctors make use of a simple blood test that cannot give an accurate measure of magnesium deficiency. If this type of test indicates a deficiency, it is often much worse in reality. Therefore, someone whose magnesium levels are normal on the GP’s test, probably still needs supplementation. Eighty percent of women and 70% of men are deficient in this essential mineral as their diets do not provide the right amounts.

Many supplements are available over the counter, but they may not provide the neccesary benefits. In some countries supplements are regulated and quality is monitored. This is not the case in America and therefore it is hard to know what you get in a supplement. For this reason it is important that you know what to look for in a supplement before you buy it.

As a rule, mineral supplements should be in liquid form. This provides a much higher absorption rate than it does in tablet form, which is only about 20-40%. Liquid magnesium supplements offer an absorption rate of ninety percent or more. This type of supplement should be taken in conjunction with a diet rich in leavy green vegetables such as spinach and also whole grain foods, seeds and nuts.

Some people have problems with oral magnesium supplements, as it may cause stomach upsets. However, this does not mean that you cannot take the supplement at all. Magnesium oil provides a great alternative to oral supplementation. When the liquid is applied to the skin, it absorbs direcly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and thus avoiding stomach upset.

In addition to the benefits that liquid magnesium supplements offer to the heart, it has several other benefits, making it an essential mineral for the entire body. For women it can improve the symptoms of premenstrual disorder and menopause. It also reduces the risk of premature labor in expectant mothers. People who have leg cramps, headaches and fatigue should consider using liquid magnesium supplements, as they are likely to be deficient.

Misdiagnosis of Cancer

There must be nothing worse for women to be told you have breast cancer and the only option is a mastectomy which involves the removal of a breast. Imagine how you would feel if you were told that you never had cancer in the first place and the mastectomy was completely unnecessary. Just the though of loosing a breast is scary in itself, but the thought of going through the emotional trauma of loosing a breast because of misdiagnosis is totally imaginable but must be must be completely horrendous. Being a women my first reaction would be anger and then revenge. But how can you take on this type of revenge, they say -revenge is sweet’ but is it really. Even if you did manage to get some sort of revenge you will still be left with the physical and metal scars of having a breast removed.

To right a wrong which you have suffered you would need some things to happen. You would need total healing of every emotional and physical hurt which was inflicted upon you. You would have to be fully compensated for every aspect of the distress caused so that you have not the slightest regret that it ever happened. I doubt this is possible under the above circumstances. It would also help if everyone who matters to you would fully understand how much you have suffered, and to empathize with you. You would need for everyone to know that you did not deserve the treatment you received. You would need to see justice fully executed, so that the gravity of the offense against you is fully recognized and dealt with.

Now not all of this will happen, but there is a way of getting justice and that is through claiming compensation. Claiming compensation is fair and just and should be pursued. It is your legal and civil right to do so. Obviously no amount of money could really compensate for loosing a breast, but with money you could get reconstructive surgery to correct the terrible mistake. Unfortunately breast cancer is sadly quite common around 41 thousand new cases are diagnosed every year, many too late for treatment. Those with cancer found at an early stage can be treated and go on to live long and happy lives. However more and more cases are not diagnosed or misdiagnosed meaning the cancer grows on and spreads throughout the body.

The most upsetting thing is that when we visit our GP or hospital we put all our faith into the professionals’ hands and they really have your life in their hands. This is a scary prospect really. Now obviously we all make mistakes, but mistakes by medical professionals can have a profound effect which could affect the quality of the rest of that person’s life. This is why there should be stringent precautions to stop these types of accidents happen. If a doctor is working very long shifts then accidents are inevitably going to happen. The powers that be need to ensure all of their staff are only working the recommended amount of hours before having a break. They need to be fully trained and aware of all the latest viruses and medical breakthroughs. There must be plenty of other ways to improve medical professionals working conditions to ensure that errors really are minimal. Until that time comes we are at the mercy of the medical professionals and have to put our trust into them. For those that do suffer because of malpractice the only thing to do is claim compensation. The more people claim and the higher these organisations insurance will rocket. When this does happen this is probably when the powers that be think enough is enough. Unfortunately money talks. It is such a terrible shame it takes someone’s suffering and a large insurance payout for the directors of these medical institutes to sit up and take notice. Carolyn is the webmaster of Accident Consult Ltd, specialists in medical malpractice claims.

Prostate Cancer Gleason 6 – What The Gleason Scale Means

Prostate cancer is often diagnosed using an biopsy of the tissue in your prostate. The most common way is to use an ultrasound scanner to study the prostate by allowing the doctor to send a needle to take a small sample of you prostate cells. This is known to be uncomfortable, and because of this sometimes a local anaesthetic is used. Like any tests, biopsies are not always 100% accurate. If symptoms continue after a test then patients should always go back to their doctor or GP.

Once the samples of your prostate have been examined, if cancer cells are detected a grade known as the Gleason grade is given. This rates the chance of the prostate cancer spreading, with the lower the score the better.

A score of prostate cancer Gleason 6 or lower means that the cancer has a good chance of not spreading further. If this score is given, your doctor will be able to advise you on the best course of action, although the ultimate decision for treatment always rests with the patient.

A Gleason score of 7 means the cancer has a medium chance of spreading, while a score of 8 indicates there is a high chance of spreading.

With higher Gleason scores especially, if the doctor feels the chances the cancer has already spread then further tests may be required to find whether this is the case. Again the patient will always be able to make the decision as to whether they want further testing.

Looking For Health Care Or Nursing Jobs Overseas

If you are looking for health care or nursing jobs in New Zealand, then you’re headed towards a new life in a country that believes in the importance of a good work-life balance, offers an excellent standard of living and a wide range of positions available in your area of expertise. What else could you want?

The system is mainly funded by the state, and is well regarded in terms of standards and services offered when compared to other countries in the OECD. The government takes a large interest in the health of Kiwis and many services are either free or heavily subsidised, allowing many people to access the care they need. There are also a growing number of private providers, many of whom are still eligible to receive government subsidies.

Not everything is covered. A visit to the local GP will still cost a New Zealander money, (though less for the young or old) and dentists are not subsidised.

In general, those working in healthcare or nursing jobs in New Zealand are well respected and considered an important part of New Zealand’s society.

Kiwi’s tend to believe that it’s important to enjoy time away from work. While at work they tend to be focussed and put a lot of energy into their time, working hard to meet targets and goals, so that once they are away from it they can fully unwind and enjoy themselves. This is in part due to the great outdoors many enjoy walking, running, swimming and playing sport in. For those who prefer a quieter pace, sitting down outside a cafe or bar for a quiet drink at the end of the day is one of life’s little pleasures.

Many immigrants comment on how easy it is to slot into medical facilities and how much they enjoy being able to progress through their planned career path a little faster in this smaller and less populated country. They also comment on the friendliness of people, particularly if they have relocated to one of the smaller centres where their contribution is especially welcomed. Some even comment on how easy the commutes are, or the weekly shopping experiences, showing that for many it’s those little things that can make a big difference.

Making a decision to move to another country is about choosing to have your life ruled by more than your career, enjoying a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, while working in one of the many current vacancies available in health care and nursing jobs in New Zealand.