No Truth to the Health Converter Scam

There are few affiliate marketing networks out there that can even come close to matching Health Converter in terms of sheer qualityso why is it that a few disgruntled bloggers insist on talking about what they call the Health Converter Scam? Maybe its envy; or maybe its the fact that, when something sounds like its too good to be true, it often is. But thats not the case with Health Converter, which isnt some miraculous new service so much as a perfected combination of some existing ones.

Health Converter is an affiliate marketing program that specializes in the fields of health and beauty, so, immediately, its got a couple of things going for it. For one thing affiliate marketing is a major force in e-commerce these days, as it has been steadily gaining in standing for ten years or more. If youre not aware of precisely what affiliate marketing is, here it is in a nutshell. Basically, affiliate marketingalso called direct response marketingis a field of marketing in which the advertiser seeks to get a certain, immediate response from the customerbe it filling in an information form or, in many cases, buying a product.

And for another thing, Health Converter has the advantage of working in a niche field, something that sets it apart from other affiliate networks. Specifically, Health Converter works in the specialized fields of health and beauty. The fact that it specializes means that it can have a more efficient screening process in terms of the products it endorses; basically, Health Converter has the luxury of choosing only products with high profit margins. And health and beauty products are always good, profitable ones to endorseno matter how much the economy tanks, people will always need their health and beauty merchandise.

So in other words, Health Converter combines a marketing method that is proven successfulincreasing so, in factand products that are guaranteed to sell. Its a mixture of marketing savvy and quality control that makes it truly one-of-a-kind, even in the unique field of affiliate marketing. If youre in the affiliate marketing game and want to step it up to the next level, or even if you just want to make a little extra, supplemental income, forget the rumors about a Health Converter scam, and instead click over the Health Converter today to see how you can join this prime affiliate network.