Benefits of Reiki During Cancer Treatment

Reiki therapies have been in existence for centuries. It was discovered by a practitioner in Japan on a belief that spiritual energy can be channeled to heal the patient’s spirit. It is a hands-on treatment that is based on the principal of “universal life energy”. For patients who are undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, antibody therapy, radiation therapy etc for treatment of cancer, feeling stressful and traumatic is a common phenomenon. These therapies are so unbearable that most of the patients face serious problems such as:

A high body temperature and shivering.

Breathing difficulties along with chest pain.

flu-like symptoms, such as muscle aches and pain.

bleeding gums or nose.

bleeding from several body parts that does not stop after applying pressure for 15 minutes.

Mouth ulcers and vomiting.

And many more.

All such symptoms make a patient feel depressed and affects overall physical, mental and emotional well being. Some patients who can’t bear the stress of treatment are even found attempting suicide. It is all that the chemical treatment used to cure cancer at several stages is so strong that a human body falls weak and can’t handle the stress and respond to the treatment in an effective way. Due to such factors, the overall recovery slows up and people face serious consequences. So, it becomes very important to keep the patient motivated and mentally stable.

Reiki therapies aim to balance the energy fields and give strength to the patients to handle the stress in an effective way. It is a therapeutic practice facilitated through gentle touch. It speeds up the recovery process and allows a patient to restore the harmony and connect with inner selves that might have lost during the nerve-racking experience of cancer treatment.Following are some of the benefits of Reiki during cancer treatment:

It helps regenerate cellular health and lowers stress.

It induces inner peace and calmness through the body.

It restores energy by relieving toxins, blockages and impurities from the body.

Proper channelization of the energy takes place throughout the body.

Reiki helps patient to sleep and relax in a much efficient way.

Controls fear and deep seated anger by calming nerves and violent behavior.

Rejuvenates the whole body and helps overcoming any deep underlying grief.

Gives them a feeling of complete satisfaction and motivates them to recover fast.

Patients feel blessed and recover from symptoms such as nausea and vomiting in just few sessions.

With cancer treatment therapies, most of the patients get bald and feel weak as the time progresses. It’s the time they need to be introduced to this holistic procedure. It will give them strength and inner soul’s peace to fight the disease and keep the hopes alive to improve and do well.

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