Natural Remedies For Acne Treatment And Prevention

I have suffered from acne minor to severe throughout my whole life. I would like to share the useful information I have found on free natural prevention and treatment of acne. Here’s 80 tips of free natural acne prevention and treatment. All ideas can be done with items found around the house for free. Let’s go ahead and begin the list. Note the tips are in no particular order of importance.
1.) Change your pillowcase every night. This prevents build ups of oil on your pillowcase and face.
2.) Pure Aloe Vera from a plant can be effective to acne in any stage. Put only a small amount on the needed area. A rejuvenating gel can be found inside the Aloe Vera plant using a knife or fork.
3.) Keep hair and hair products away from your face. Another way to prevent oils to your face.
4.) Limit your milk and dairy consumption as it can in some cases cause acne. Heavy milk drinkers should drink half the normally consumed.
5.) By sleeping on your back you can further prevent oils to your face. This is good to follow with changing your sheets and pillowcase.
6.) Keeping your hands away from your face and/or washing your hands frequently.
7.) Wash your face and shower right after exercise of any kind. Even if it’s light to moderate activity you should still clean yourself proceeding.
8.) Women can limit the amount of makeup. Some makeup can cause acne or other facial problems. Women should never wear makeup to bed. Lipstick is also known to cause acne as well.
9.) Hats can improve the chances of getting acne to the forehead and face. The common spread of oil through people sharing hats.
10.) Smoking cigarettes is associated with acne and breakouts. If cancer wasn’t a reason already to quit smoking.
11.) Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium are important nutrients in preventing and fighting acne. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium being antioxidants.
12.) Some people who suffer from acne try Acupuncture to strengthen the liver and relieve inflammation.
13.) Don’t squeeze or irritate the pimple. Be patient as the inflammation will go down and finally disappear. Excessive irritation can cause scarring or more acne due to a spread of oils.
14.) Washing your face between 2-3 times a day is the correct amount.
15.) Hydrate yourself by drinking roughly 8-10 glasses of water a day. Hotter days may be more.
16.) Foods high in Carbohydrates can increase acne by half. That’s not saying to eliminate Carbohydrates completely.
17.) I have put toothpaste on my pimples in the past. Don’t use the gel kind of toothpaste. Leave the toothpaste on the pimple until you don’t feel a tingling sensation anymore. Using the toothpaste too frequently can cause irritation. Also, people who leave it on too long can have blemishes burned.
18.) Most people limit the amount of refined sugars and oily foods to prevent further breakouts. Some people believe that oily foods and sweets don’t cause acne. That assumption is false.
19.) Egyptians used wet strawberry leaves to improve their complexion.
20.) Eating more servings of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can provide your body with the adequate nutrients, minerals and vitamins for preventing/treating acne.
21.) Try reducing stress by avoiding stressful environments. Some stressful situations are unavoidable in which you can use other tips in preventing acne.
22.) Coffee and soda drinkers should drink less caffeine to prevent or reduce blemishes.
23.) The high levels of hormones in Red Meat is linked to causing acne. Red Meat consumed in moderation will not increase growth of acne.
24.) Compressed Lavender and Lavender oil can be effective applied directly to the blemish or trouble area.
25.) Eating lamb, light turkey meat, oysters, sardines, crab, shrimp, snapper, cod, halibut, tuna, and salmon can be effective against acne. All these food products contain Selenium.
26.) Replace all bad oils with healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil.
27.) Drinking green tea can be positive for the skin because of antioxidants.
28.) Understand that natural hormones cause stress. By reducing stress anyone can reduce minor blemishes or breakouts. Working out or finding other outlets to reduce stress. Eating oily, fat or sweet food to compensate is not acceptable for acne.
29.) Never pinch or scrape the skin with your fingernail. This can cause minor bleeding and bruising. This can extend the length of acne.
30.) Dandruff can also be associated with acne. You may reduce acne indirectly by using dandruff specialized shampoos. Head and Shoulders is a good example product.
31.) People who don’t exercise enough are also more likely to have acne or breakouts. Even 2-3 light to moderate workouts a week walking or running is positive in fighting acne.
32.) For sensitive skin with minor blemishes you can apply a honey mask twice a week. It feels gentle on the skin. The application will not feel as much sensation as the toothpaste application to the blemishes or face.
33.) Chromium supplements can be known for preventing breakouts and treating blemishes. Chromium is the ingredient in some weight loss supplements.
34.) Another positive vegetable is Carrots for Vitamin A. The nutrients in Carrots can be known to prevent acne and repair current blemishes. All varieties of Carrots are effective with fighting and preventing acne.
35.) People who get a lack a sleep are also known to get more acne or breakouts. A full night sleep is a good prevention with acne.
36.) I would avoid surgical treatment of acne for many reasons. Two main reasons because it’s expensive and can leave permanent scarring.
37.) Avoid MSG at all cost if you suffer from acne. It may make food recipes taste delicious but it’s terrible for your skin. Examples of fast food chains high in MSG are KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Arbys.
38.) Try to avoid spots with high humidity prevent breakouts. A very dry face can produce acne much more rapidly than a moist face.
39.) Let your face dry without a towel. A towel can transport acne causing oils and bacteria to the face.
40.) By using nose strips you can improve the removal of blackheads.
41.) Tanning can make any skin oily spurring the growth of acne. Try to avoid tanning completely. Sun burn is also harmful to the skin in regards to acne production. Use the appropriate sunblock if absolutely necessary.
42.) To follow on number 41. Some Sunblock can make the skin oily. Research your sunblock to fight the sun appropriately and stay oil free.
43.) It takes two months for acne to heal completely. Be patient and don’t agitate the blemishes in any way. Aloe can speed up this two month span to possibly a month and a half.
44.) Never use alcohol wipes or pads to clean your face. This can easily increase breakouts and blemishes by making your skin oily.
45.) Some people have said that Tea Tree Oil has helped repair bad skin. This should be used as a treatment than a prevention tip.
46.) People who wear glasses or sunglasses should frequently wash them to prevent the spread of oil.
47.) Making regular visits to the Dermatologist can reduce your blemishes as well. Who can prescribe a better cure than a Dermatologist?
48.) To destroy bad bacteria in your body take prebiotics and probiotics. They will help build good bacteria. Acne is composed of bad bacteria absorbed in the body. The goal to destroy the unwanted bad bacteria.
49.) Two Tea Bags mixed with Basil leaves applied with a cotton ball is shown to be an effective natural acne remedy. It’s effective for some people and others it’s not. It’s worth a try because the mixture doesn’t irritate the skin. It’s also free and natural.
50.) A person should acknowledge if they have bad acne genes. If so, they should take further preventative measures against breakouts.
51.) The following fruit are effective in preventing and treating acne: Apples, Apricots, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Cantaloupes, Figs, Grapes, Mango, Oranges, Peaches, Pineapple, Pumpkins, Watermelons. All essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy skin.
52.) This following tip is directed toward women. Understanding that starting and stopping birth control can change acne patterns. Knowledge is a good step in prevention of acne. Some women also believe that using birth control can help reduce or prevent further acne.
53.) Milk and Cheese can trigger back acne. Some people suffer from it more than others. You can help prevent and fight it by maintain good hygiene.
54.) Try a natural tomato mask left on for half an hour. Then follow by washing away with cold water. A natural home acne remedy.
55.) You can kill acne causing bacteria by using honey mixed with lemon juice on your face.
56.) Oatmeal Mask can be used to fight and prevent acne. First, cook the Oatmeal and let it cool. Then, construct a mask around the trouble areas.
57.) Soak lettuce leaves in water and use the water to cleanse your acne.
58.) You can fight acne with equal parts lime juice and rose water, Similar to the honey mixture.
59.) Cut a potato into several circular pieces. You can then use those circular potato pieces to reduce acne scars.
60.) Lemon juice and egg white are known to help acne scars. Pineapple juice and pieces rubbed against acne scars also help reduce appearance of acne scars over time.
61.) The skin most of all needs water to help repair acne scars. Drink water and wash your face if you have acne scars visible.
62.) Do Not try to pop pimples inside the nose or ear. It’s difficult is get all the bacteria spread in the space of the nose and ear. The spread can usually make the pimple feel worse or get infected. Be patient with the pimple even though it may itch or slightly hurt.
63.) A natural supplement called Guggul can be effective with those suffering from oily skin and acne. It has also been referred to as Commiphora Mukul. For centuries this resin of the Guggul tree has been used in India for natural remedies.
64.) Acknowledge there’s no proven reliable and effective treatment against Acne Rosacea. Good hygiene and more specifically positive skin care is a good preventative measure to take.
65.) To expand on #8 for Women. Another preventative step to take is not wearing oily cosmetics at all or on rare occasion. Cosmetics in general trap the pores creating acne. Also, try using less oily cosmetic products.
65.) You will see Benzoyl Peroxide as common ingredient in many acne medication. The concentration is commonly in 2.5,% 5% and 10%. If your skin has a higher tolerance to the lower concentrations, increase to 10%. Benzoyl Peroxide works by removing dead skin and fighting acne bacteria. Check your acne products for this ingredient.
66.) Having a bad thyroid, hyperactive or hypoactive thyroid can contribute to increased acne growth. Follow a proper diet and take proper medication for diagnosed thyroid conditions to help fight acne.
67.) Being in a comfortable temperature environment between 60-80 is good for skin. Overly hot temperatures can dry or burn the face. Damaging effects to the skin can also be said for below freezing temperatures.
68.) Some people don’t shave with care. You can spread bacteria by shaving directly over acne. Some people often overlook this prevention tip. Also, some men accidentally shave over unseen acne on the neck or side of face. Everybody should be more careful in shaving in the future.
69.) Shea Butter can be a powerful aid in fighting and preventing acne. It’s origins are from the Karite Nut Tree and provides acne fighting qualities in the form of Shea Butter.
70.) White Willow Bark is known is unclog pores and fight acne. The powerful acne fighting ingredient inside White Willow Bark is salicylic acid.
71.) Sulfur has also been used since the 1800’s to de-clog pores and fight acne causing bacteria. This is sometimes seen in acne products today.
72.) Try to be more active if you are feeling depressed. Lowering stress is beneficial in treating acne.
73.) A combination of honey, water and crushed up aspirin can be applied to acne. The solution can fight bacteria on the surface. It can be applied to minor and medium cases but is most effective with severe acne.
74.) Wash gym equipment after you and other people are done. A lot of acne bacteria can be transferred through sweat. Plus for hygiene and common courtesy we should clean the gym equipment after use.
75.) Another natural remedy is a combination of water, baking soda and a tiny bit of sea salt. This can be an acne fighting agent when directly applied.
76.) For a combination of several ideas of honey, mango and lemon. A mixture that should fight severe acne when directly applied. After a few minutes this should be washed away with cold water.
77.) Lower Banana consumption to prevent breakouts. Eat the fruits recommended in #51.
78.) Try to replace wheat/grain pasta with potato pasta. The body will process the potatoes much easier and help your skin in the process.
79.) Instead of Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard or Thousand Island dressing use Vinegar as a replacement. All types of Vinegar can be effective in curing body acne. Some types of creamy salad dressings may increase breakouts and calorie intake.
80.) If worse come to worse please visit a doctor. They are trained professionals there to help you.
The best natural acne cure in any situation though is letting the skin repair itself. The face can repair itself quickly internally and externally through patience. Hopefully this list helped you learn something on acne prevention and treatment.