Herbal Remedies For Eczema

It is a Greek word which means ‘to boil’. It is an inflammatory and chronic skin disorder leading to boils, rashes, and eruptions on skin. The most common form of eczema, atopic dermatitis, occurs among small children and infants. In over 90 percent of cases, eczema is seen to occur in children below 5 years old. There are many available home remedies for eczema. These include prescription drugs, dietary changes, and herbal remedies.

1. Symptoms of eczema can be aggravated if the skin is exposed to hot and dry air, especially that of the indoors. So, to counter this problem, use a humidifier and keep the moisture levels in your home up and adequate. Not to mention, do not forget to keep the unit clean, as it may harbor the growth of bacteria and fungi.

2. Teas made from Chinese herbs are also commonly used to treat eczema. The combination of herbs varies and depends upon the severity of the eczema and the suspected cause of the eczema. Some of these herbs used for herbal teas include include fang feng, tian men dong, gan cao, shi gao, yi yi ren, ku shen, sheng di huang, zhi mu and mu dan pi. The Chinese herbs chuan xiong and huang qin can also treat scalp eczema. Long dan cao may be added to herbal teas to treat ear and facial eczema. Drinking Erka Shizheng herbal tea twice a day helps treat severe eczema in children.

3. A natural home remedy effective in controlling eczema is spearmint leaf juice. Grind spearmint in a mortar and pestle to make a paste. You can then apply this paste directly to the affected skin or the paste can be diluted with water. Coconut oil is also used in treating eczema. In its purest form, coconut oil has moisturizing properties that helps prevent the irritation from spreading and prevent the skin from cracking. Simply add this oil to the affected areas and get immediate relief.

4. Face packs made of various fruits and vegetables rejuvenates the skin and makes it smooth and silky. Mud packs are also effective in case of eczema.

5. Rough, tight, scratchy clothes or those which are of wool, would be the worst things to go for a while you are suffering from an eczema attack. Wearing cool and smooth-textured clothing such as those made of cotton, is one of the smartest ways to get eczema relief.

6. According to a study by researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, preliminary studies have shown five raw Chinese herbs to be effective in treating eczema. The study appeared in the British Journal of Dermatology. The five herbs found include flos lonicerae, Japanese honeysuckle; cortex moutan, or root bark of peony tree; herba menthae, or peppermint; cortex phellodendri, or amur cork-tree bark; and atractylodes rhizome.

7. Another home remedy for eczema is taking your vitamins diligently. Vitamins A, B, and C help in the reproduction of skin cells. Vitamins do not reduce the outbreaks, though. They do help your skin heal much faster than usual. Vitamin-rich foods include oily fish, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables.

8. Almond leaves which are found all over the United States can be used to cure this inflammatory disorder. A paste of almond leaves and water on the affected region is very effective in curing eczema.