Indoor Air Pollution – It is not a Myth

If you were asked to name a region that contains an enormous amount of air pollution, what would come to mind? More than likely, you would think of heavily polluted metropolitan centers like Beijing or Los Angeles. Actually, you dont have to look at large scale cities to see significant pollution. This is because large quantities of air pollution already exist inside your own home. No, the pollution is not in the form of industrial chemicals. Common, average, everyday matter and items have the potential to create a home health hazard. That is why it is important to be on the lookout for problematic components that create a number of pollution related problems.

What common items can create a safety hazard inside the home? Believe it or not, something a seemingly benign as dust can create a hazard. If dust collects to the point its presence is so thick, the occupants are ingesting it when they breathe, something must be done as soon as possible. It is never a good thing to inhale pollutants. When collected in high enough volumes, the presence of dust in the air is not good for the occupants safety.

Mold is another problem that presents itself when without warning. Even if you clean your kitchen or bathroom regularly, mold may collect in small quantities. If you are not thorough in cleaning these rooms, a huge mold outbreak can occur. Much like dust, mold can present a number of respiratory hazards when its presence reaches high enough volumes. So, when cleaning the rooms is not enough, it becomes necessary to purchase a humidifier to completely rid the room of said mold.

And, yes, anytime you have chemicals in your home you will experience the risk of ingesting polluted air. Now, when people hear about chemical pollutants, they will assume you are referring to extremely potent and powerful pollutants. Well, have you varnished a table and now discovered the aroma of varnish vapors are in the air? Perhaps you have used bleach or ammonia to clean a room. Do you sense the acrid smell of these liquids? Is so, the air you are inhaling may be rife with impurities. Yes, air pollution can develop from any foreign substance that enters the air. There are many common household chemicals that can corrupt the air you breathe. Thats why you have to be very aware of their presence and air out a room when it gets to thick.