Afraid Of Getting Military Mental Stress Discharge Train Your Mind, Not Just Your Body!

Several military members get discharged every year because of the mental stress they experience while deployed. Getting discharged may be for their own health and safety in such situations; their stress, anxiety, and depression can put them in trouble and may even worsen if they stay in the field.

Unfortunately, as a military member, you would want to avoid getting discharged, especially if you have not served your full term. When you get discharged due to mental stress before you complete your term, you will not be eligible for Veteran benefits unless the doctors rule it as a medical discharge.

Being in the military is naturally stressful for anyone. You have to let go of the comforts of home and exchange it for an environment you have no control over. You also dont know what to expect. And who knows when war is going to strike? This kind of situation is enough to cause severe mental stress on anyone; some are able to handle it, while some are not. If you are about to get deployed, it would be best if you know what to do to keep the mental stress from overwhelming you.

Train the Mind. As you train your body in the military, make sure to also train the mind. Before you understand how to do that, lets give you a brief overview of how the mind works.

How the Mind Works. The mind has several levels of consciousness, the most prominent of which are the conscious mind and the subconscious. The conscious mind decides what we do, what we think of, and what we are aware of at the present moment. When we are faced with a certain situation or knowledge, the conscious mind filters it and stores it in the subconscious.

The subconscious mind, on the other hand, influences us from underneath the conscious state. Its influences can be very strong and powerful because they just direct our actions and behaviors. Since these influences come from the subconscious, we are not able to filter or evaluate them.

Unfortunately, the subconscious is very sensitive. It can absorb practically anything positive or negative. So when youre out on the field, the subconscious mind is actively absorbing everything you experience. Your subconscious absorbs all the fear, anxiety, restlessness, and negative moods of the people around you. It absorbs the threats in the environment. Slowly, these build up into powerful thought patterns and beliefs, until you stress yourself out because you start to believe in all these negative thoughts.

How to Train the Mind. Training the mind means getting into your own subconscious and conditioning it so that it does not absorb and automatically fends off negative thoughts and beliefs. Instead, you replace these negative thoughts with powerful messages that the subconscious mind can hold on to at all times during deployment.

Some examples are:

I am a survivor.
Survival skills come naturally to me.
I make the best of every situation.

These messages are called subliminal messages, because they pass under or sub the threshold or limens of the conscious mind. They are not recognizable or registered in the conscious mind; they go directly to the subconscious.