Eczema on Face Vary this Vegan Process for Eczema Cure

Eating the vegan plan can cure your eczema completely.

Following a vegan plan involves eating all your foods 100% raw. Eating the vegan way involves eating fresh, raw organic fruits, vegetables, wholegrain, nuts and dried fruit.

Vegans believe that they can obtain all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fats and carbohydrates that are important for good health from eating uncooked foods.

Foods are eaten for three main reasons and these are:

1) to regulate bodily processes;

2) to yield energy; and

3) to build and renew cells.

It is believed that by following this way of life you will totally eliminate all diseases and sickness.

Followers have included Benjamin Franklin, Bernard Shaw, Hippocrates, Sir Frances Bacon, to name just a few.

However following a 100% raw food plan and prove to be very challenging especially if you are new to this way of eating.

You can vary this plan however. You can obtain very good results, heal your eczema and transform your health by following a plan that requires 65 75 % raw.

The other 25 35% of your foods can be used for proteins such as fish, chicken and turkey. If you feel like treating yourself occassionally, you can include very small portions of foods that you just can’t live without. Or you can save it all up and eat whatever you fancy one day, every three months.

By following this new plan you will begin to get to know your body intimately. You will begin to see how certain foods affect the way your feel and the way your skin reacts.

You will begin to see a dramatic difference in the way your eczema skin looks, feels and behaves.

And most important of all you will find that you feel more energetic, more optimistic and healthier than you have ever felt before.