TXU vs. Reliant

If you live in Texas then you know about TXU and Reliant Energy. You also know TXU Energy and Reliant are constantly battling for your business. It is fair to ask who is better between the two companies but the answer will leave you wanting.

Texas electrical deregulation began in 2001. Both companies have been selling electricity every since. The Texas electricity rate plans offered by these energy companies are comparable and competitive.

What kind of electricity plans do I need?

You can sign up with a month-to-month plan if you are looking to move and not sure how long you will need electricity. The month-to-month or variable plans are cheaper than fixed rate plans and they dont have a contract.

Fixed rate plans lock you into your electricity rate plans for the length of the term. You can find terms as short as 3 months and as long as 36 months. In most cases fixed rate plans save you more money in the long run than month-to-month plans.

So who has better plans, TXU or Reliant?

Reliants prices as of today are lower than TXUs but by only 0.3 cents (this is based on each companys cheapest plan and the zip code I used). TXU does offer a wide range of products for you to buy like the flex plan. TXUs flex plan gives you the ability to save more money by using electricity during off peak times when there is less demand on the grid. You may want to look at the times you use electricity the most to see if the flex plan can save you money.

So what makes Reliant better than TXU or TXU better than Reliant?

Reliant and TXU both have different benefits so the only way to answer this question is with another question. What are you looking for in an energy company. If you are looking for a company which you can trust both companies have a great rating with the BBB. So which company is better? It depends on what you need. The best bet is to contact the providers with as many questions as possible. Keep the answers and compare the answers to see which provider can meet all your needs. I know that my needs are smaller than most households because I live at home and work all day.