Cervical Cancer Symptoms Cervical Cancer Symptoms And The One Minute Treatment

Before dealing with the symptoms and the treatment of cervical cancer we have to further define it first. Invasive cervical cancer is the 2nd most common type of cancer in women and accounts for over 11 percent of all cancers around the world. The majority of cervical cancers grow gradually over several years with precancerous cells (dysplasia) existing previous to the cancer cells. If dysplasia is detected early enough and removed cervical cancer can often be prevented.

Cervical cancer symptoms and sign:

Cervical cancer usually causes no symptoms until it is advanced, which is why it is essential for women to have regular pelvic exams and pap tests. It can cause bleeding between menstrual periods, bleeding after intercourse or douching, unusual discharge, painful menstrual periods, and heavy periods,

What causes cervical cancer and the risk factors:

How do you get cervical cancer in the first place? The answers is, most cervical cancers are associated with infection with human papillomaviruses (HPV), which can be transmitted sexually. Associated risk factors include having had more than five complete pregnancies; first intercourse before age eighteen; unprotected sex; sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, HPV, and genital herpes: early childbearing; multiple sex partners; infertility; low socioeconomic status; smoking; and nutritional deficiencies.

The one minute treatment recommended:

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