Xeliri And Avastin And Esophageal Cancer

Avastin is said to be a wonder drug or first treatment option which is known to inhibit the growth of blood vessel network which supplies oxygen and nutrients to malignant or cancerous tissues. The drug Avastin is found to target a protein (naturally occurring one) known as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor or VEGF , an important angiogenesis mediator and as a result interferes with the supply of blood that is required for the tumour growth and for spreading all over the body known as metastasis. Apart from blocking the main resource for the growth of the cancerous cells, it also enhances chemotherapy delivery inside the tumor effectively. Avastin along with various other chemotherapy practices including Folfox, Xeliri, Xelox, Xeloda and Folfiri monotherapy and its benefits were explored and approved in the year 2004 in February in US and is being under study in various countries.

Avastin is considered as an innovative oncology or cancer drug which has got a positive kind of recommendation from CHMP or European committee for medicinal products for human use. The committee has recommended that bevacizumab or Avastin along with other intravenous 5 fluorouracil or folinic acid or irinotecan can be used for treatment (first line) of patients suffering from metastatic carcinoma of rectum or colon or esophageal cancer.

The recommendation was based on the information got from a study (phase III) which showed that treatment given to patients using Avastin along with chemotherapy increased their survival rates to nearly thirty percent than when compared with patients treated with chemotherapy along. Apart from this avastin enhanced the time period without the progression of the disease in patients to nearly seventy percent. Still the study on avastin is being carried out to know the possible outcomes and benefits in cancer patients along with various chemotherapies. The study is extended even to the post operative or adjuvant setting. Scientists are also investigating the possible benefits of Avastin in various other cancer types including lung cancer, breast cancer, renal cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Esophageal cancer patients who are in their stage 3 or stage 4a and stage 4b normally have poor survival rates that various therapies or treatments are tried on them. Some are meant to ease the difficulties faced by them and some are aimed at offering a better lifestyle till their dealth. Xeliri and Avastin can be tried in patients with esophageal cancer even though it might not cure them totally but to control the problem to a certain extent and sometime to know the reactions or as part of the clinical tests aimed at the improving the medication for esophageal cancer.

Natural Remedies:

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