Woman Proves That It Is Never Too Late To Study Medicine At 40

A woman who was already forty years old gathered her guts and came to the local university?s college of literature, science and the arts in her plain farm clothes and asked to be admitted as a student. A convent educated farm wife, fresh off a chicken ranch, this woman said she wanted to be a doctor. Before approving the lady?s application, the university?s admission head sent her to the psychologist for he was so skeptical.

Ten years later in the time of spring, this old lady has achieved something that is unlikely to be equaled, states the university spokesman. They also emphasize how this woman raised 10 kids with her husband during the time that she struggled to complete her degree and doctorate requirements.

This lady physician still needs to cover one year for her local hospital internship followed by an application for a 3 year residency at an eastern medical center for internal medicine practice. A flourishing career is what she wants to achieve. Twenty five years would be the life span of a medical career but I am resolute to be in this career more than those years.

In the year 1964, her husband, after 15 years of being a 145 acre chicken farm, decided that he wanted to overhaul his source of revenue and also motioned for his wife to find sources of income for their big family. He wound up as an electronics instrumentation specialist at the local research laboratory. The wife on the other hand attended school but also worked in a blood processing laboratory at her university to get some income.

While she shares everyone asks me this, she asserts that it?s not all that tough to be a mother of ten along with being a working student. We have become more mindful with our money and we just get by with a little. But without me even asking for it, all of them pitched in. The kids did their part alongside their extremely helpful father. Because I don’t like to cook, I only do the dishes. There are times that I’d cook and do the dishes and it would be smooth.

This hard driven lady was able to attain a 3 point 2 average in her premed program and while she waited to be accepted in a medical school, she enrolled herself in graduate biology class on a part time basis. She shares her belief on how medical school changed not just her but their whole family too. For example, they would get to meet many people in their home, from faculty members to medical students. They met tons of outstanding individuals and learned to understand people across incomes and statuses.

My daughter, one of them, was asked how it feels to have a mom who was absent most of the time. Her answer was that their mom wasn’t just a mom but also a person. Of their 10 children, only 2 remain at home. These are their youngest kids, both boys where one is 17 and has graduated from high school recently while the other is 14 years old and is still studying at the local junior high school. It is their the eldest boy, aged 29, who stays in touch as he lives nearby and manages his own budding enterprise, a motorcycle sales shop. Towards her medical education, the lady doctor maintains that she firmly believes the secret was learning to acknowledge the role of a doctor without trailing behind as a woman. This successful woman saw it as a matter of personal growth and the importance of fulfilling a duty.