What you should know about General Dental Health

In dentistry there are many subdivisions like oral hygiene, preventive dentistry, cosmetic surgery and general dental health which we are discussing in detail here. There are many procedures and reasons for which you would visit the dentist. Here are a few common ones explained in detail.

White Filling:

Most of us are very particular with our dental rituals, but sometimes even the most thorough flossing and brushing cant prevent the fact that most people will need a filling some time soon. This can be because of tooth decay or even an accident that has resulted in the tooth becoming weak or fractured. Because of the natural strength and appearance, the white composite fillings are becoming a popular choice with patients as they can actually get the colour to match natural teeth. This is very important as not everyone wants one shiny white tooth that stands out.


Dentures are an extremely popular choice for replacement of missing teeth. This is not something that is used by elder people only, but is something that is used in case of accidents as well.

Dentures can either be:

Complete if they replace the lower and upper arch or even both.

It could be a partial denture that is used to fill space left by missing teeth which then prevents the remaining teeth from moving out of place.

Dentures are either entirely made out of acrylic or they may be bonded with some metal in order to keep them from moving out of position and provide additional structural support. If you get hold of a dental hygienist, half of your gum and teeth problems get taken care of.

Partial dentures are made from a detailed mould which is taken of your gum contour and the remaining teeth. The denture is then held in place by clasps which are attached to your natural teeth on either side of the space.

The problem with missing teeth is that it can cause your gum to alter its original shape and so the denture might not fit as snugly as possible as it did initially and so at some stage your denture will have to get relined. Relining is when the base of your denture needs to be replaced or reshaped completely so it fits comfortably and remains secure.

Both the partial and complete dentures have to remain stable at all time. If you start noticing that your denture is slipping when talking, smiling, chewing, coughing, etc then you should schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately.