What Makes Your Acne Worse

Acne is bad, very bad, but you can cure it. There are so many methods to cure acne you can try. Well, beside knowing how to cure acne, you also need to know what factors that can make your acne worse.

What makes your acne worse:

a. Washing face more than twice Washing face more than twice will not cure acne, in fact, it can dry your face skin.

b. bad diet. Eating too much junk food and less of vegetables and fruits is usually related to the appear of acne.

c. Dirty hair Your daily activities make your hair dirty, so, don’t be strange if it can cause acne.

d. Popping acne. It can break beneath of your face skin and spread oil that triggers acne everywhere. And the worst, it can leave scar to your face.

e. Choosing wrong cosmetic. Choosing wrong cosmetic can clog your face pores, and it makes your skin breath unwell. Water based cosmetic is the best choice as well as it can reduce factors that can cause acne.

f. Stress. Stress contributes to over produce sebum on your face. Sebum, with dead skin cells clog pores and cause acne.

g. Too much medication. Too much medication can make your skin dry and become irritated.

h. Wrong natural acne treatment. Sometimes, one method is good for someone, but not to others. The other example, using mask can make your skin dry if it is used everyday, and of course, it will take longer time to cure your acne.

Thank you for reading, see you on my next article.

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