What Causes Back Acne – Are Your Clothes Making Your Bacne Worse

So you want to know what causes back acne. Have you ever had a bug bite? Remember what would happen if you rub at the bite? It would get bigger and worse.

Acne is a lot like the bug bite. When we rub at it, pick or squeeze it, the pimple will get worse. But we could aggravate the acne without even meaning to aswell.

Im referring to the kind of clothes that we wear. They actually make a huge difference when it comes to back acne, and how bad it gets.

When we wear tight clothing, it rubs and irritates the skin and the acne that is already there making it far worse. I remember everytime I would wear under armor for a football game, the acne on my back would always be far worse than it was all week long when I wasnt wearing it.

But its not just underarmor that does this.

Any clothes made out of material like spandex (why people wear it I dont know) or material that is form fitting just like it, will harm our chances of having clearer, healthier skin.

Im not saying that you have to get rid of all your form fitting clothing and start wearing three sizes larger. All Im saying is that wearing clothes made out of material like cotton, or others that allow your skin moving room without rubbing and allow your skin to breath will help you in the long run.

While tight fitting clothing is not the main source for what causes back acne, it is a factor in how bad it gets and how much it spreads.