Web Publishing

Web publishing

Objective of Course

Overview, Web Hosting Document Interchange Standards, Components of Web
publishing, Document Management, Web Page Design Consideration and Principles, Search Engines, How to register a Website on Search Engines, Publishing Tools

What is Web Publishing

At its most basic level, Web Development London publishing consists of making various computer files available to Internet users through the World Wide Web these files may be of several


Plain (.txt)
Hypertext (.html)
Graphics (.gif or. jpg)
Audio (.wav .au .mid)
Video (.mpg or .mov)
Scripts, java applets or other Web program files (.cgi .class .js .asp)
Files in proprietary formats (.pdf .doc)
Downloadable files (.exe .zip)
Why publish on the web

In recent years, the Word Wide Web has become the primary system for distributing in formation on the Internet. Its growth, in popularity, has been the result of its ability to incorporate graphics and other multimedia effects, the development of robust software tools such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer to access a variety of file formats, and its flexibility in incorporating new technologies. Publishing on the SEO London Web can be an effective way to disseminate almost any kind of information.

What is Website hosting

Website hosting is an Internet-connected processor that holds your Website, and sends copies of it to whoever makes a request to see it. Your Website is an interconnected group of computer files contain text or images. In many ways, the files composing a Website are similar to your word processing document, and exist on the designers hard

Disk. For the word to view these Web pages, copies of these files are placed on the hard disk of a server that is operated by a Web hosting company or service. This server is a computer that is connected to the Internet 24hours a day, 7days a week. The connection is of very high- speed. This high speed is required to allow hundreds of people to simultaneously view Web pages on that computer. In addition, the Web host computer must run extraordinary software. This software connects a specific domain name such as www.myinn.com to the appropriate group of pages.

Components of Web publishing

Web server: It is compulsory that an individual or enterprise subscribes to an information system service providing access to the Internet Organizations which have substantial computing resources can set up their own HTTP server and connect to the Internet.

HTML authoring tool: To compose Web pages, an authoring tool is needed. Web pages are made of HTML which is an ASCI text file consisting of HTML tags. Common text editors can be used for this task. To create commercial or more complicated HTML such as multimedia Web pages, a higher functionality tool such as Perl is employed