Ways Coffee Drinking Can Impact Your Health

There are of course many people who swear not to touch coffee because of the negative health effects they believe it can have on them. The reality is that there are some new studies that are proving the health benefits of coffee with regard to some illnesses and diseases. Really most people who drink coffee do so because they want to stay awake, feel more energy and go longer without a nap. Despite the research showing that there really are some positive health effects to drinking coffee, there are also some negative effects that could emerge from excessive consumption. This article will look at some of the potential health effects drinking coffee could have on you.

People who drink more than 2 cups of coffee each day could be increasing their risk of developing osteoporosis. Research conducted with almost 1,000 women showed that heavy coffee drinking can stop the body from absorbing some necessary vitamins and minerals from the diet. This can lead to the body developing osteoporosis, which is a good deal of bone density loss that is generally associated with older people. Yet evidence of a reduction in bone density has been proven within some heavy coffee drinkers. However, there could be other things in a person’s life that could attribute to the early onset of osteoporosis. These things consist of smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and using hormones. The study also proved that some of the bad effects of drinking a lot of coffee could be decreased by adding milk to the coffee.

Coffee drinkers may find that the incidence of cirrhosis of the liver is greatly reduced. This condition is typically found in those suffering from chronic liver disease. These can stop the liver functioning normally. Coffee has an anti-fibrotic quality that some people can benefit from. Caffeine has also been positively linked to a lowered risk of liver cancer, which is a cancer that often occurs in patients already diagnosed with cirrhosis.

Aside from the health aspect of drinking coffee, it can also play a dramatic part in cosmetic appearance. Coffee drinkers often suffer from teeth that are brown, yellow, or unevenly discolored by coffee. Dry skin can often be the result of dehydration by drinking too much coffee. The first visible symptom of dry skin is often wrinkles or lines in the hands and face. Dry, dehydrated skin also speeds up development of stretch marks and also increases visibility of stretch marks.

Don’t get so caught up in the positive health benefits of drinking coffee that you forget to pay attention to the potential downside. Avoid the possible risks by only drinking coffee in moderation. You’ll be enjoying some of the recently discovered health benefits and avoiding some of the negative effects by moderating the amount you drink.