Using Smoothbeam Laser Treatment to Zap Acne Scars

Acne is one of the most common skin problems, which affects the adolescents and young adults all over the world, and is a main reason why patients see a dermatologist. It not only affects the patients’ physical beauty but also does harm to their psychology. Due to an unsightly appearance, they will likely feel inferior in their social life. Therefore, they usually deal with acne using several common methods such as medication and makeup, which generally yields satisfying results.With the development of science and technology, an advanced treatment called smoothbeam laser has hit the cosmetic area. The smoothbeam laser treatment can be done on all types of skins to treat acne effectively and yield a long-term clearance result by dealing with oil-producing sebaceous glands which lead to the appearance of acne. As an advanced non-invasive, effective laser treatment, it yields good outcome quickly when dealing with active acne, acne scarring. It is done to locate sebaceous glands which are overactive, removing ugly acne, and recover the loss of the collagen resulting from the aging process.

In the process of the smoothbeam laser treatment, a powerful beam of laser light is projected on the patient’s face. After penetrating the skin surface, the laser increases the temperature of the tissue below the skin. After receiving the intense energy from the laser, the sebaceous glands below the skin begin to change. In addition, the intense energy also stimulates the production of collagen, which makes the skin become smooth and elastic. The patient will find that acne scars disappear when the new collagen is produced to fill the pitted areas of the facial surface. Although the heat has high temperature, the procedure is still comfortable due to a cooling spray which is used right after the laser beam is projected. To avoid the injuries resulting from laser, both patient and doctor are required to wear protective eye wear.

In general, the patient will see significant changes to the treated areas eight weeks after the smoothbeam laser treatment. The patient can resume his or her normal daily activities after a short period. The results of the treatment can maintain up to two years. In order to get the best results, the doctor usually advises the patient to undergo three to four this procedures. The treatment reduces acne and acne scars in the face quickly while requiring no surgical excisions, no downtime or side effects. After this treatment, the skin becomes fresh, glowing, and youthful. In a word, it is a safe treatment as it has no side effects.

If you are someone who want to reduce acne or improve your skin conditions and remove the signs of aging, the smoothbeam treatment is your ideal option. It is the most effective treatment that requires no down time and offers no side effects. Besides, it also can be used to deal with enlarged oil glands as well as wrinkles.

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