Use Natural Remedies for Pimples to Effectively and Permanently Cure Acne

Usually in the period of adolescent, pimples appear as small red pustules on the faces of most of the individuals. Generally for the outbreak of pimples hormonal imbalance is responsible at the age of puberty. One must strictly avoid squeezing the pimples filled with pus as to prevent scars.

The problem of pimples is not related with any serious types of health hazards. It is totally related with the problem of cosmetics. There are some pimples which leaves a deep scar marks on the face and these freckles are responsible for lowering the self esteem of an individual to a great extent. Some of the important symptoms of pimples and acne are given below

1. The size of the pimples may vary from a size of a pin head to the size of the pea. 2. It may be painful but it mainly depends upon the nature of the bacterial infection. 3. It may be pus filled or red bumps and in numbers.

Some of the common causes of pimples are

1. It may be caused due to some drugs and medications. 2. Due to mental stress. 3. Due to fluctuations in the level of hormones during adolescent. 4. Due to excess scrubbing and washing of the face.

You can get rid from the problem of pimples and acne simply by taking the help of natural remedies. Medical consultations are not required for its treatment. Some of the important and effective natural remedies for the treatment of pimples are given here.

1. Intake of garlic in great quantity or even the application of garlic juice on the affected area is very effective in the treatment of pimples.

2. Make a mixture of lemon juice and sandal wood. Apply this mixture on the affected areas regularly for few days. This natural remedy is effective in reducing the problem of pimples.

3. Make a mixture of rose water and lemon juice in equal quantity and apply it on your face and affected areas. Keep it for at least half an hour then wash it off. You must strictly follow this natural remedy for at least 2-3 days a week. It will give you an effective result.

4. You can also apply the pulp of a red tomato or cucumber on your face. It is also an effective natural remedy for reducing pimples and acne.

5. Prepare a paste of margosa leaves and turmeric. Apply this paste on the affected areas for few days. For reducing the pimples, you must apply this paste regularly. It is an effective natural remedy for pimples.

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