Unani System Of Medicine Gaining Popularity Worldwide – Dr Hashmi

Hashmi has created a name for itself in the field of Unani medication. It has been servicing the world since the last nine decades with its quality Unani formulations which are manufactured using herbs which have been sourced from Himalayas. It has been working tirelessly since its inception for establishing Unani as a brand across the globe.

The world Unani has its origin in Greece and it arrived in India in the 13th century. It spread its wings under Mughal era and it was under the rule of Alauddin Khilji that several Unani physicians gained royal patronage. This led to the popularity of Unani in the coming years and several texts and scriptures were composed to strengthen it.

Hashmi has been selling various medicines under its brand name for treating various diseases. It has been known to treat even life threatening diseases. Some of the popular life treatment products from the company are weight loss, weight gainer, diabetes, liver and jaundice treatment which has treated millions of patients worldwide.

Branole is a memory booster product from the company which acts on the grey cell of the brain and improves intelligence. It is completely safe and natural and can be taken by both kids and adults. Their weight management product, Slim X and Vetoll X has enabled millions of patients worldwide to manage their weight in an effective manner.

Herbo Diabecon is a revolutionary product for diabetes patients as it has been found to be very effective in stabilizing insulin in patients enabling them to lead a normal life. It also offers treatment for life threatening liver diseases such as jaundice. The medicine Jaundinil has been prepared after taking references from Unani text and is known to take care of the liver and improve its health. It is one of the best selling products from Hashmi and has saved lives of many patients worldwide.

The company has been given several awards and certifications in the field of healthcare by the Government of India. The ingredients used for manufacturing these medicines are sourced from Himalayas and are totally genuine and organic.

All its medicines are manufactured at the state of the art manufacturing facility under stringent test conditions. Hashmi is emerging as one of the fastest Unani companies in the world and it plans to become number one company by 2020.

The company also has roped in several Unani physicians and consultants to provide phone and online consultation. Patients will be provided free consultation and all the medicines will be shipped free of cost.

It is the only Unani Company in the world which offers free online medical consultation and free shipping of its products worldwide. Millions of patients worldwide have got relief from their Unani medicines and that too without any kind of side effects.

Unani system of medicine has spread its wing under the tutelage of Hashmi and has found a place of respect in the field of medical science. It is expected that by the turn of the century, Unani medicine system will take over allopathic system of medicine because of its healing properties and no side effects.

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