Types of eczema treatment

There are many classifications of eczema as a skin disease. For this reason, eczema treatments are also just as varied. There are about four most common types of eczema. The first one is known as Atopic eczema which is believed to run in families and can be inherited from parents by young infants. This type of eczema is noticeable mostly on the head, neck, inside elbows of young babies. Eczema can also result from contact with allergens. This type of skin disorder id called contact dermatitis. This results from your skin coming into contact with substances that irritates it. The other type of eczema skin disease is xerotic eczema which is at the initial stages just dry skin. If eczema treatment is not sort then this condition turns into eczema. Xerotic eczema is worse in dry weather conditions and mostly affects the trunk and limbs. This type of disorder is however more common with older people as oppose to the younger ones. The fourth and last type of eczema infection is Saborrhoeic dermatitis which is commonly associated with dandruff. This condition will result in the dryness and peeling of the scalp. It may even lead to peeling of the eyebrows and scalp in severe cases. There are many types of eczema treatment available in the market. One such treatment is the use of Corticosteroids. These are very effective in suppressing or controlling the symptoms caused by eczema infections. Only a very weak steroid should used for moderate or mild eczema infection. In a case of sever eczema attack then a more powerful steroid is recommended The other form of eczema treatment is the use Immunomodulators. This kind of treatment is effective in its ability to suppress the immune system especially around the affected areas. Closely related to it is the use of immunosuppressant. These are however only used in very severe cases. What this medication does is, it dampens the immune system and could result in very dramatic changes in the sufferer. Eczema treatment also comes in the form o f Anti itch drugs that are effective in reducing the itchiness cause by eczema attacks. By reducing the itchiness, it eliminates the possibility of scratching which would have made the situation even worse. Eczema can also be treated using moisturizers which reduces the dryness of the skin. Moisturizers are known as the most effective self care treatments for those who are suffering from this very depressing condition. Remember to keep the affected area moist as this will help promote quick healing of the skin and relieve the sufferer from the symptoms of eczema.

Even as you seek eczema treatment, you need to remember that there is not one single known cure for eczema. The treatments will only try and control the symptoms. They will only reduce inflammation and relieve the itchiness that comes with eczema treatment. Remember to keep away from harsh soaps or scrubs as this will only end up worsening the condition by stripping the skin of its natural oil and leading to further dryness.

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