Types Of Dental Surgery

Everyone is plagued by toothache at least once in his/her lifetime. Be it the wisdom teeth growing or something seriously wrong under the gums, toothache has its own way of making ones life very miserable. Sometimes the pain is so bad that you are ready to do anything, even just pull off the offending tooth if it could make things easier for you. But before taking that drastic decision, you should find out what exactly is the cause of the pain and check if it requires medication or surgery for treatment. First you should have an idea of the various types of dental surgery before setting up an appointment with the best dental surgeon in Bangalore or Chennai.

Root Canals

Almost everyone would have heard about root canals as someone in the family or acquaintance circle would have undergone this minor surgery. Though the name many sound familiar, not many know what exactly the procedure involves. If your tooth is infected, it could be very dangerous not only for your smile, but also for your general health. Moreover, the infection could spread to the nearby teeth, causing more damage. In such conditions, when the infection is too much for medication, but not as bad that it requires tooth removal, the dental surgeon will suggest a root canal. The dentist will remove the tooth cap and pulp, fills the gap and then covers it with an artificial cap. The entire procedure can be finished in almost no time and requires just a local anesthesia.

Dental Extraction

Got a sweet tooth? If youre someone who loves sweets, then you may have heard people warning you about tooth decay. In cases when the tooth decay has gone beyond the point that it can be treated with antibiotics and other mediation, dentists will recommend extraction or in simple terms, tooth removal. But sometimes, it is not just decay that results in extraction. In some people, the teeth may have grown clumped together causing discomfort while eating. Dentists may recommend removing that offending tooth, and even out the uneven teeth growth.

Jaw Surgery

Many people think that jaw surgery is done only for cosmetic reasons. But some of the best surgeons in Chennai will recommend it for health reasons. The teeth are realigned in this surgery to allow comfortable chewing and eating.

The best dental surgeons in Bangalore recommend regular dental checkups in order to prevent surgeries or any other intensive treatment. Take proper dental care to ensure good health.