Triple Therapy Of Micro-chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Intermediate frequency penetration of micro-Chinese medicine.

1> Intermediate frequency electric current can increase the permeability of the tissue membrane and cell membrane. Thereby, the medicine molecules can permeate into the human body and form medicine molecules heap on focal skin.

2> Medicine molecules heap can stimulate intracutaneous nerve ending, collateral channels and acupuncture points, so it has the function of treating focally and far apart.

3> After entering the lesions through targeted osmosis, the medicine can give play of unique treatment function in the focal tissues.

4> It is the medicine molecules that enters by intermediate frequency penetration. It is beneficial to the integrity of the compound Chinese traditional medicine, and can give full play of the synergetic effect thus ensuring the therapeutic effect.

2. Micro-Chinese medicine phonophoresis.

1> Ultrasonic wave promote the material movement in the cells and tissues and can produce a kind of imperceptible massage. It can increase the permeability of the cells and promote the metabolism of the cells.

2> Ultrasonic wave can dissolve the deposition of the waste in micro blood vessels and increase the permeability of the vessels walls and the speed of blood flow.

3> It can remove the remaining hyperplasia tissues, waste and small stones in the tubules, the walls of calyces renales minors and pelvis.

4> Cavitation reaction and convective transportation can produce thermal response and mechanical action that can permeate micro-Chinese medicine into the body and make it play the role of anti renal fibrosis such as anti inflammation, invigorating blood circulation, blocking renal fibrosis and rebuilding renal function.

3. Chinese herb bath therapy.

1> The medicine arrives directly at the lesions through collateral channels. Medicated bath acts on the texture of the subcutaneous flesh, and the medicine runs along the main and cholesterol channels through acupuncture points and then arrives the organs. It proceeds from the outside to the inside, and effect the function of promoting blood and qi circulation and regulating yin and yang so as to treat the disease.

2> Collect the quintessence of the plants by bath. The medicines used for medicated bath are always aromatic medicine, activating yang medicine with acrid flavor and medicine that promoting blood circulation and removing obstruction in channels. These medicines have strong smell, and the medicine gas is easy to be released after boiling and hot-water soak. It enters the human body through the texture of the subcutaneous flesh and play multiple roles of clearing and activating the channels and collaterals, promoting flow of qi and blood circulation, eliminating stasis and obstacles and arriving directly at the lesions.

3> Medicine and bath acts together to sweat and drive out pathogenic factors.

Sweating method is one of the most common treatments for removing pathogenic factors in Chinese medicine. Heating bath itself makes people sweat, and with the help of medicine efficacy, the pores will be widely open, so the patient sweats more thoroughly. The pathogenic factors will be driven out along with the sweat. After removing the pathogens, the body will get right, so we achieve the goal of recuperating ones health.