Treating Cancer Naturally

Cancer, the name itself has created a huge fear among the people. Don’t go saying cancer in-front of a patient, it will almost give them a heart attack. Such is the effect it creates all around itself. Cancer is a very serious disease as it is life-consuming or fatal in most of the cases. And it has been 30 years now, that the scientists are looking for a permanent cure of it.

There has been many inventions of ideas processing ways to cure Cancer. A lot of new cancer treatment methods were discovered which gradually lead to various important knowledge, if not complete success, that helped in curing many harmful tumors to a great extent. Countless people believe that there are only 3 main stream treatments options that are available to cure cancer and they are chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeryin fact, many are not cured by using these three therapies. But there are many alternative cancer treatments that are far more superior to conventional treatments. Reason behind that is they have a better track record of curing cancer compared to the previous other methods.

Conventional medicine uses a systematic approach that typically includes surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy. Hormone and immunotherapy are intended to induce an immune system response. Likewise there are other new cancer treatments available too which helps in curing cancer in natural ways. Southern Medical University Renkang Hospital encourages Sonophotodynamic Therapy (SPDT) among its patients. This therapy is non-toxic in nature and is a full body cancer treatment based on the laws of nature that systematically targets and eliminates the tumors and cancer cells. SPDT operates by combining two techniques together i.e. Photodynamic Therapy and Sonodynamic Therapy.

In Photodynamic Therapy light waves are used to activate photosynthetic agents which could heal the body. We use its advanced approach where it utilizes a proprietary chlorophyll-based photosensitizer to prepare the body’s cancer cells for systemic elimination through a high frequency light wave bed. Whereas Sonodynamic Therapy is an emerging new cancer treatment technology which transmits ultrasound waves through a custom designed bath to activate a specifically-designed photosensitizer. Here the sound waves of SDT undergo a much more effective penetration into the body to attack deeper tumors.

Through these processes, we at Renkang Hospital have been curing cancer patients for almost eight years now and also its one of the most safest alternative cancer treatment techniques available. So don’t just panic when a physician tells you that you got cancer. Its always advised to go for a full body analysis and various other reports to be confirmed of the type of cancer you are affected with and start your treatment as soon as possible. As early detection has proved to be life-saving in numerous cases. If you want to understand more about our different treatments, then visit our website and contact us.

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