The Role Of Social Workers In The Field Of Medicine

The scope of social work is not restricted to specific fields of life. The field that involves social activities is the field of medicine is in terms of psychological help. People who want to serve others in the field of medicine they can join hospitals and clinics and help the patients with different problems and diseases. Since, medical field is vast; therefore, people can be helped in numerous ways.

If you are joining as a social worker in any hospital, then you can help the patients with different disease like AIDS or cancer and help them in such a way that they can deal with their illness in a positive way. You can help them to get proper treatment at hospital and at home. There are many hospitals that appoint medical social workers for specific patients, so that they can help them to recover quickly by assisting them at home.

You can also help the patients in counseling them if they have had an accident, trauma or terminal disease. These patients can be assisted to help them psychologically to cope with their condition and illness. You can arrange all the help the patient needs. A doctor might refer the patient to you as a counselor. You can also become a part of such families, to help patients to understand their problem. In many cases you might be required to work with patients who are violent. You need to help these people by counseling and effective therapy. You might also be called by families to convince the patient to take the treatment for their problems.

You can get an opportunity to deal with patients who are violent. You can be called upon by a doctor if he or she finds out that the patient is violent, or a victim of abuse. You can work in hospitals, clinics and sanitariums, and be assigned different responsibilities to help the patients. Some of the tasks might include noting the last will of the patients and DNR instructions. Other tasks consist of informing the families of such patients, and helping them to handle the situation and preparing the documentation after death of the patient. These are some of the tasks that you need to complete when you are performing social activities for the welfare of patient. This profession has a vast scope of helping needy people around you.

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