Healing Cancer Has To Come From Within Your Body

We are not helpless if we have been diagnosed with cancer; there are many lifestyle changes we can make because it’s the way we are now living that is causing it. To survive the cancer, we don’t need to submit to the toxic treatments which are only treating symptoms and not treating the real problem. We all have a built in repair system called the immune system and it’s through this system that you can remove cancer cells and heal the body.

A cancer growth is only a sign the something has gone wrong and it’s not where the growth is, it’s with the entire body. To survive cancer you need to make some important changes, there is no other way. Doctors are only removing growths but if you haven’t removed the reasons why it grew in the first place then no matter how much treatment you have or how much money you spend on treatments, it will only come back again and that’s when it becomes dangerous.

We put our faith in our medical care system when we have a life threatening problem such as cancer but unfortunately money and artificial drugs now dominate our treatments. Man does not have a cure for cancer but only expensive ineffective treatments which damage the body and seldom cure. Only nature has a cure and that means living a more natural lifestyle by eating food that nature has produced and that man has not interfered with.

Cancer is only a modern day problem whereas 50 years ago when cancer was a rare disease we were all eating food that had been grown without the chemicals and without the processing that is common today. Human beings are designed to eat food that has been produced by nature and is fresh as it keeps us free of all medical problems. Only fresh food which is full of vitamins, minerals and other compounds and are designed to keep us healthy and free of diseases such as cancer.

We are living longer nowadays but it’s not because of modern medicine. It’s because of laws that are in place that state that our food and water must be free of bacteria or substances that in the past have caused us harm. Also in all Western developed countries public hygiene has improved vastly, especially in areas of sanitation. But while we are now mainly eating clean food, we are eating mostly processed food and that food is no longer fresh because of its processing. Modern day supermarkets are the biggest contributing factors to cancer.

Cancer in all cases is a disease of the immune system and the immune system is the bodies system that keeps us free of all health problems. The way to become cancer free is to enhance the immune system. That will allow the body to strengthen and the body is then able to remove the cancer slowly and naturally and without any side effects.

Cancer wasn’t a problem many years ago so what has changed and the answer is our food. The food industry has been taken over by business people and it’s all about profit. Also these business people know that human beings have a weakness for foods that contain sugar, fat and salt and processed foods today are full of it. Remember, it’s only man and his pets that get cancer and that is because we are not eating our natural food. Animals in the wild don’t get cancer.

There are many foods that are classed as super foods because of their ability to help the body recover from a serious disease such as cancer. What you have to do is change your internal environment to one that creates health and not cancer and you do that by choosing the foods that cure.

Alan Wighton is an experience health researcher and has specialized how a natural approach to cancer can have a far better outcome than our current way of treating the disease. To learn more about how the body can overcome health problems such as cancer go to; www.cancerhealed.com http://www.cancerhealed.com