Supplements For Eczema

If you are trying to find info regarding supplements for eczema, then this article is definitely for you. Eczema is a medical condition that causes severe inflammation, soreness and itching to the skin. For those that suffer from it, it can be a very uncomfortable and irritating condition to have to cope with on a daily basis. Even though there are plenty of medical treatments on hand for eczema, and also nutritional advice, one thing that is often overlooked is supplements.

Natural Oil Supplements for Eczema

Blackcurrant see oil, starflower oil, borage oil and evening primrose oil – These oils all contain a substance called GLA, which stands for gamma-Linolenic acid. It has definitely been proven through plenty of research that utilizing GLA can’t just minimize how often you have an eczema flare up, but reduce how severe it is too.

Fish Oil is also thought to help with the severity of eczema symptoms, although some studies have proved inconclusive.

Vitamin B Supplements for Eczema

It is assumed that the B vitamins could have an affect on the eczema disease. Certain studies show that a deficiency of vitamin B12 can make eczema worse, while other research shows that certain other B vitamins such as riboflavin might play a part too. Also, the B vitamins generally work together, so it is better to take an all around B complex supplement instead of just an individual B vitamin on its own.

Other Vitamins & Mineral Supplements for Eczema

We must also not rule out additional vitamins and minerals, since your overal health can be best if you have a good level of all of the key vitamins and minerals. For this reason, it is also recommended that an all-round general multivitamin and mineral sup

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