Sunday School Crafts

When the youth of your congregation gathers together for Christian Sunday school, they’re not only hoping to learn about the teachings of the Biblethey want to have fun, too!

One sure way to incorporate some creativity into your class is to incorporate various bible crafts into your curriculum. Crafts are great fun because they give your students the chance to express their creative sides. Try these four crafts when you’re running out of ideas for Sunday school.

Bible Keeper Church Craft

For this Sunday school idea, you’ll need the following for each student:

*Empty cereal box
*Colored construction paper

Before your class begins, cut each cereal box in half to form two book holders. When you’re ready to begin, have your class trace the sides of the boxes onto their construction paper and cut out the shapes.

Now explain that your class should glue the construction paper to the sides of the box and decorate to their heart’s content. They can use the crayons to draw pictures and then can spend some time decorating with glitter, stickers, or whatever other decorating items you have pulled together.

Encourage them to write their name on the box (for example: “Richard’s Bible”). After your students are done decorating their church craft, punch two holes in either side of the box and loop ribbon through to form a handle.

Burning Bush Craft

For this church craft, you’ll need:

*Paper bowls
*Paint brushes
*White construction paper
*Red and yellow tissue paper

Prior to your Christian Sunday school class, cut the tissue paper into two-inch tear drop patterns. Make sure that each student will have several “tear drops” per color. Also mix one part water and one part glue (enough for the entire class).

When class begins, hand out a piece of construction paper to each child along with a paint brush. Fill the paper bowls with the glue and water mixture and place them onto the students’ work space.

Explain to the class that they should place their tissue flames onto their paper randomly, even having them overlap at several points. Now have your kids paint over the flames with the glue and water mixture. Your class will notice that the overlapping yellow and red flames produce orange flames.

This church craft is perfect to go along with a lesson about the burning bush.

Clean Heart Aprons

For this church craft, you’ll need the following:

*Paper towels
*Fabric ribbon
*Construction paper

Before class starts, tear off the paper towels, leaving three sheets connected. Each of your students will need four to five sets of three sheets. Cut your blank white paper into strips and print Psalms 51:10 on them: “Create in me a clean heart.”

When you’re ready to begin the activity, have your class color the paper with the verse printed on it. Then they should fold a piece of construction paper in half (lengthwise).

Next, your students should glue the Bible verse so that the top of it is near the outside fold. Now use the ribbon to measure around your student’s waist, and leave some slack for tying. Now stack five sets of paper towel sheets face-down on your workspace.

Lay the ribbon across the middle of the paper towels, and fold the paper towels in half over the ribbon. Place the verse over the paper towels, and staple the verse, paper towels, and ribbon together. What your student will have is his or her very own apron!

Creation Mobile Craft

You’ll need the following for each child in order to lead this church craft:

*Small paper plate
*Cut-outs of the sun, moon, people, and animals (you can print these off the computerfor even more fun, find pictures that are entirely in black and white so your students can have more fun coloring and decorating them)

After you’ve explained the creation story with your children’s church class, have your students decorate their cut-outs with glitter and crayons.

Now help them cut the ribbon into several different lengths and glue the lengths of ribbon so that they hang from the paper plate. Next, have your students glue the cut-outs to the ends of the ribbon.

The great thing about this Bible craft is that you can change the cut-outs so that they correspond with virtually any holiday or lesson that you plan on teaching in class.

These four activities are sure to get your students more involved with learning their Bible lessons. If you ever feel as though your class has become dull and lifeless, spice things up with a church craft!