Sports Medicine For Outdoor Activity Injuries In Asheboro Nc

Sports medicine is generally the answer for injuries sustained in outdoor sports and other activities in Asheboro NC. Being active, enjoying nature and participating in outdoor sports are essential to our quality of life. When something goes wrong, and we suffer pain from bending, lifting or twisting, the BLT of back injuries, sports medicine doctors are the go-to specialists for help.

Back and neck problems
Sports and other outdoor activities contribute their fair share of back and neck problems, the most frequent reasons for doctor visits in the United States. Anyone with chronic back and neck problems should be evaluated by the sports medicine doctors and professionals before participating in new outdoor activities. Preexisting conditions of the spine can become worse during outdoor recreation, or prior symptoms of back pain and neck pain could return during outdoor recreational activity.

The most common types of neck and back injuries are sprains and strains, disc herniations, and fractures.

Strains and sprains
Strains and sprains generally happen during heavy lifting, twisting and repeated bending, and cause many visits to sports medicine doctors. Yard work such as shoveling snow or chopping wood, and other outdoor activities which entail bending at the waist, can cause a painful strain or sprain to your lower back.

Overhead activities such as pruning trees, painting, even playing badminton or volleyball in the back yard, can bring neck sprains to the unsuspecting outdoor enthusiast. Back or neck sprains and strains usually mean a partial tear of muscle, tendon or ligament, causing a dull and aching pain in the low back or neck.

Sprains or strains are generally treated with ice, locally applied for the first 24 hours. Anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen are given, and after the first 24 hours, local heat is applied. Bed rest is not advised, nor is there a need for surgical intervention for these injuries.

Disc injuries and herniations
Less common than strains and sprains, disc injuries can also result from the very same activities which cause sprains and strains. In addition to repetition of the BLT movements and overhead movements causing sprains and strains, repeated jarring from running or from bouncing around on outdoor recreational vehicles can also cause disc injuries and herniations. Disc structures are seated between your spinal vertebrae (bones), next to nerve structures. If a disc herniates, it can apply pressure to nerve structures, leading to serious spinal problems.

Sports medicine doctor in Asheboro NC, generally treat disc herniations as they do sprains and strains unless there are signs of more serious injury. These signs of more severe injury include difficulty emptying the bladder or controlling bowel movements, which could represent severe nerve injury. Also, sports medicine surgeons should immediately investigate weakness in arms or legs after neck or back injury.

Fractures of the neck and back
Fractures incurred during outdoor activities like falls from height or in high speed sports like skiing require immediate attention to stabilize the injury and prevent further damage to spinal structures. Sports medicine surgeons and other orthopedic specialists prefer not to perform spinal surgery for spinal fractures except under extraordinary circumstances. Recovery can be inconsistent and often depends on the severity of the injury.

Sports medicine specializes in injuries relating to the everyday activities we all enjoy, whether they happen in sporting activity, or simply while enjoying the outdoors. Although most injuries are minor and will go away with simple treatment, sometimes it is necessary for sports medicine doctors such as those in Asheboro NC to become. If you have suffered a back or neck injury, having the sports medicine specialists check you will be a wise idea.