Smoking and your dental health

So you brush your teeth every morning and night without fail. You floss when you get the time, and also remember to eat healthy, and still you are plagued with bad dental health. You feel you are doing everything right but still you get problem after problem pouring out of your oral cavity. Have you considered that the reason for this might be your smoking habit? You have not, well its time that you did.

As the messenger of bad news is usually ignored, try and pay attention to what comes next. Smoking is bad for your dental health. It is not a new discovery, you already know that its bad for your lungs and your full respiratory system is in turmoil over it. Now understand the fact that your dental health is also affected by this demon. It causes the breath to go foul. Okay, you will chew some extra strong mint to take care of that problem, but that is just cosmetic. The real damage is already done.

Your teeth have gone yellow since you started smoking as the very smoke you inhale stains it. Your dental health plan of brushing and flossing will not help avoid this, it might delay the process for a while, but stains and discoloration will win in the end. Smoking might help calm your distraught nerves but in the long run it is going to take a heavy toll on your health. Get wise about your general and in particular your dental health today. Quit Smoking.