Six (6) Ways To Protect Yourself Against Prostate Cancer!

How Every Male of 40yrs plus Can Drastically Reduce the Odds Of Falling Victim To This Deadly Male Disease”

Did you know that “Prostate Cancer” is the #1 form of cancers among men? Around the world, it is the second highest cause of cancer deaths among men, after lungs cancer. Although there are symptoms generally associated with prostate problems, yet the fact that prostate cancer can sometimes remain dormant and undetected for many years until it is at advanced stages, is what makes it even more deadly. Not many realise that prostate cancer awareness should be much of a priority attention to every adult male as breast cancer awareness is to every woman. The good news however is, there’s a lot you can actually do to practically protect yourself against risks associated with Prostate Cancer. Here are six practical steps you can begin to implement from today:

1.Limit Your Exposure to Radiation or Heat. Radiation or excessive Heat around the groin has been found to have contributed to higher risk of prostate cancer in the past. One of the practical ways of reducing your exposure to radiations which are directly linked with your prostate is to avoid keeping mobile phones in your side pockets. Also,you may want to desist from the habit of working on your laptop from your lap. Hey, the fact that it is called laptop doesn’t mean we have to literally work on it from our laps. Funny but not so funny! Regarding excessive heat around the groin, you can help by doing a few things like; wearing loose pants, going to bed without under-pants, etc. And if you do long distance driving regularly you need to take extra precaution.

2. A Correct Diet of Fruits & Vegetables Uniquely, prostate cancer is one of the few forms of cancer that has a known fruit extract as a direct anti-agent. The anti-prostate-cancer agent known as carotenoid which is widely present in specific red fruits such as red tomatoes and large melons has made it mandatory for every matured male to form the habit of consuming these fruits, regularly.

3. Reduce Your Stress Levels Every matured male knows of how high levels of Stress affect libido and sexual activities. But what most men don’t realise is the fact that while these outward effects can be seen on the outside there’s an equal damage to your prostate cells from the inside. Practically, you could engage in some stress relieving activities; such as light exercise, therapy, dancing, massage, etc; something capable of bringing down your stress levels. *Above all, get your Doctor involved in your the health of your prostate.

4. A Family History of Prostate Cancer Risk How well do you know about your extended family background history on the risk of Prostate Cancer? Men with one or more first-degree relatives (father, brother, or son) diagnosed with prostate cancer have an increased risk of the disease. If unfortunately you could trace any form of prostate cancer scare to any close family member either lately or somewhere in the past, that’s a wakeup call to take prompt preventive actions

5. PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) Test This is a known periodic test carried out by your General Practitioner to make sure you have not started to develop cancer of the prostate. In countries like USA and the UK, this test is widely available. For those in the UK you would have to ask for PSA test from your GP in order to get one. Most people run scare because of the internal probe involved.

6.A Daily Programme of Consuming 10mg of Premium LYCOPENE for at least 30Days, Every 3Months. In my opinion, this is not optional; this is mandatory for every male of 40yrs and above. Scientists have shown in a study that the powerful antioxidant known as Lycopene kills prostate cancer cells by targeting the male hormone androgen. Recently, they discovered that Lycopene also targets androgens even in healthy prostate tissues, suggesting that it not only fights prostate cancer-cells but also reduces the risk of developing the disease in the first place. LYCOPENE intake is a very effective way of supplementing your daily tomatoes requirement.