Sinus Infections And Secondhand Smoke – Nurse’s Guide

A new report is out revealing that the risk of having chronic rhino sinusitis (sinusitis) and therefore sinus infections is much greater for those who are exposed to second hand smoke, whether in the home or in the workplace, or any other public place. It’s long been accepted that second hand smoke is not good for the sinuses but it wasn’t known to what extent.

Now it appears that even moderate levels of exposure to secondhand smoke or cigarette smoke can carry a lot of risk. Of course what the study means is that the more secondhand smoke you’re exposed to the more damage will be done to the sinuses. This exposure can cause a chronic condition called chronic rhino sinusitis.

Secondhand smoke is not harmless. It contains more than 4000 substances or chemicals that are harmful to our health. About 50 of them can actually cause cancer.

Many non-smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke– as much as 60% in the U.S. alone. And of course smokers are exposed to firsthand smoke. So it goes without saying that most people are exposed to smoke in one way or the other.

This chronic exposure not only causes serious sinus problems, including sinusitis, acute and chronic sinus infections and sinus cancer, but acute respiratory infections, middle ear problems, asthma coronary heart disease and lung cancer.

Most people haven’t heard about sinus cancer but it’s certainly one of the dreaded cancers to get and preventable too.

The non-smokers in the study, who were exposed to secondhand smoke in more than one place, were much more susceptible to sinusitis and other sinus problems.

The way it works it’s thought is that the secondhand smoke may inhibit immune responses and increase the susceptibility to respiratory infections including sinus infections or worsen respiratory or sinus infections. The cells that line the respiratory tract may have increased permeability thus be more fragile and susceptible to infection.

Although the report says that more evidence is needed the preliminary studies should be a good reason to avoid secondhand smoke at all costs to prevent chronic and acute sinus infections and sinus problems and to stop smoking if you smoke to protect yourself and others around you at home and in your workplace.

If you suffer from chronic sinus infections or sinus problems now. Avoid secondhand smoke at all costs and use natural home sinus treatment to stop or cure your sinus infections once and for all. There is much you can do to prevent them from taking hold and curing them fast if they do, without medications.