Sapphire Whitening System

The Sapphire Whitening System is a product of Den-Mat which is also the company behind the manufacture of Lumineers. The Sapphire Whitening System works through the use of a very powerful Sapphire Plasma Arc Light along with a professional grade bleaching gel. The Sapphire Whitening System claims of superiority stem from the fact that there are currently over four thousand dentists who use the product today. You may use the Sapphire Whitening System with or without the Sapphire light. However, in studies conducted by Den-Mat, findings were that the subjects who received a combination of the gel with the light witnessed more whitening results than those who did not, even after being exposed to it for similar periods of contact time.

The sapphire light is said to aid the whitening process in the following ways. First, the bleaching formula in the Sapphire Whitening System absorbs light in the blue end of the spectrum, which catalyses a reaction resulting in the decomposition of the gel into reactive intermediators which attack the color compounds that are responsible for tooth staining. Secondly, the blue light which is absorbed will thereafter activate the colored stained materials dissolved in the teeth. These light activated materials are very reactive and will react with the hydrogen peroxide to result in the bleaching process taking effect faster. As a result, when the bleach is used together with the light, you are likely to witness an extra two to five whitening shades. Users should however note that independent studies conducted on this whitening system have shown that the light has no effect whatsoever in the whitening process.

When using the Sapphire Whitening System, your dentist will first apply the 35% hydrogen peroxide gel onto your teeth. Thereafter, the gel will be activated by the sapphire light in order to enable the stain removal process to begin. The whitening procedure involved in the Sapphire Whitening System will take about half an hour to complete, which makes this one of the fastest in-office teeth whitening procedures available today.

In addition to the in-office kit, there is also a Sapphire Whitening System at home kit available. This kit comes with custom fitted whitening trays for use at home. On using the Sapphire Whitening System at home kit, it may take anywhere between a few days and a couple of months to witness any whitening results on your teeth.

The bleaching gel used in the Sapphire Whitening System is pretty thick and will stay firmly in place on the teeth sections of the trays. This is great because it prevents the bleaching gel from getting onto your gums and causing irritation. Although Den-Mat claims that the bleaching gel in the Sapphire Whitening System contains a desensitizing agent for decreased tooth sensitivity, many dentists have reported that some of their clients have experienced extreme sensitivity after undergoing the whitening process, for periods of anywhere between twelve and eighteen hours. If you are one of the sufferers of post sensitivity, you may try taking ibuprophen to ease in your discomfort. Today, you can only undergo the Sapphire Whitening System procedure at a licensed dentists office.