Remedies For Eczema On The Scalp

Did you know that one of the most typical areas on the body for eczema to take place is the scalp? The symptoms of scalp eczema are the same as for other parts of your body: Itching, redness, dry skin, lumps, or blisters. Eczema scalp flakes are sometimes confused for dandruff.

The options for removing eczema of the scalp are no different than removing it anywhere else on your body, but treatments can be a little more complicated because your hair is involved; it gets in the way, if you will. As a result you will probably have to plan more carefully when and where you treat your eczema.

There are a lot of eczema home remedies, but I will present a couple of the more usual ones, with their pluses and minuses. I’ll also present the most common pharmaceutical solution. Try each one or do some research on your own until you find one that works best for you.

You may make use of cortisone creams or lotions. On the plus side, they will relieve the itching fairly quickly. On the minus side, they can have some nasty side effects. Cortisone can cause thinning of the skin, bleaching of the skin, hypertension, and weight gain, to name just a few. The creams will make your hair greasy. They’re also much more pricey than home treatment methods.

Warm some olive oil and apply it to your scalp. Utilize a great quality oil, preferably organic, to be sure it does not have any additives that may further irritate your scalp. Gently massage your scalp to get the warm oil deeply into the pores. Resist the urge to scratch! Leave the oil on overnight if possible. On the plus side, this is very soothing and it’s inexpensive. The downside here is you will have greasy hair.

Mix a few turmeric into warmed coconut oil and apply it on your scalp. The oil will moisturize your skin and the turmeric will help fight infection and reduce the pain of itching. Try to leave this on for at least a couple of hours. As with the previous remedy, your head will be greasy, so you may not want to go out and about while it’s on your scalp. This is cheap and extremely soothing.

As soon as you wash these preparations out of your hair, keep away from shampoos using soap. Soap dries out your skin and that’s the last thing you want. Use a good oil-based shampoo that is free of artificial fragrances, which can irritate the skin.