Reduce Heart Disease Risk The Natural Way

Are you included in the millions of people that suffer from heart disease, or worse? Maybe have already had a heart attack.

At present, it is not hard to find someone who has either experienced a heart attack, been told they are at risk of heart disease or already have heart disease. It’s said to be just as common as coming across someone with brown hair. This growing epidemic is unfortunately being tackled by completely misinformed media and even many well-meaning doctors. It is known as the number one killer in America and alot of other countries too.

Combatting the risk of getting heart disease is the best plan of attack. To help you get started on a healthy heart plan, here are some useful tips

1. Give up smoking. Smoking is one of the largest risk factors for heart disease, mostly due to the added toxic chemicals in cigarettes (not that tobacco is a recommendation either).

2. Get out and walk. If finding the time to maintain a structured exercise program is a challenge at the moment, you can get started by just walking. Just by getting out and walking, there have been many reports of people strengthening their hearts and even reversing serious conditions. Find a scenic route if possible. I find there’s nothing more calming than the outdoors. I suggest whistling or singing as you walk. It brings happy thoughts.

3. Practise being calm. This just means, try not to stress over the things you don’t have to. Stress can kill, no matter how healthy your diet is.

4. Do not go on a low-fat eating plan. It may be that your heart condition can get worse if you do this. Instead, let go of the bad fats such as, hydrogenated oil and nasty oils in french fries and donuts and concentrate on healthier fats like coconut oil, olive oil, salmon, walnuts and whole organic eggs.

5. Don’t be afraid of saturated fats. Heart disease is not caused by eating saturated fats. It is sugars, excessive refined carbohydrates and, of course, processed foods that is really making most people so sick.

You can get closer to having a healthy heart by tackling these tips, one by one, which will also lead to a lifetime of good health.