Quit Talking And Stop The Mental Chatter All At The Same Time

Mental Chatter is something that a lot of us suffer from. I have found that it originates when we feel the need to control the person, place or situation at hand.

Example: Picture a typical opposites attract couple and in this scenario the man is outgoing and the woman is the introvert. There names = John and Mary

John and Mary would like to sell their house. Mary has a full time job and John works from home.

John likes to putts around the house and then brag about how much he gets done during the day, according to Mary.

John and Mary have sat down and prioritized the realtors suggestions on what they thought should be done to the house before listing it.

Mary is at work all day but her mental chatter is interfering with her work performance and concentration because all she thinks about is the list and how nothing is getting done, at home, by John. She calls all her friends and complains about how John never accomplishes anything he just talks and yells at her if she brings it up. She calls her mother and sisters. Then she calls John and asks what he has done and he just starts in not really answering her question at all. Her mental chatter has increased 10 fold because her friends and family continue to listen to her complain which amplifies Marys need to control John and the selling of the house situation. Also, because she calls John knowing what the outcome will be but doing the same thing expecting different results and this keeps her in the need to control feeling which in turn, once again, increases her mental chatter.

If Mary would Quit Talking, to her friends and family about John and their situations, her Mental Chatter would slow and leave room for Mary to fill the extra space in her mind with Daily Affirmations, Motivational Sayings and Mantra Meditations. As soon as Mary starts to fill her mind with Daily Affirmations, Motivational Sayings and Mantra Meditations she would immediately feel release, from her need to control and she would have the power of positive thinking and a positive attitude to move forward in her personal and work fulfillment.

I, Carrie, am definitely, one who felt the need to be in control of all people, places and situations. This did derive from my childhood because I was not taught consistency and discipline at a young age. Although, I was taught everything that was not done correctly and therefore learned how to control situations to go differently the next time so the option of doing it right this time was available. I have learned a lot of different ways to approach people, places and situations trying to find the right way of doing IT. Whatever IT was. We can look at all these different ways of approach as opportunities which I do or we can look at them as Mental Chatter because I was always trying to saturate the need to feel in control.

Actually, back in the day it was Mental Chatter because I would call everyone I could and complain about the person, place or situation that took place at that time. I would talk to so many people it was sick and it made me sick mentally, physically and spiritually to keep dwelling on the same things and doing the same thing expecting different results.

Once I learned how to apply Daily Affirmations, Mantra Meditations and Motivational Sayings I learned to SHUT UP. Honestly, I noticed once I stopped complaining about every other person, place or situation I did not have much to say. Bottom line is I had to learn self honesty and how to live from within.

Quit Talking and Live From Within.

Carrie Sokalski

www.livefromwithin.com and www.carriesokalski.com

P.S. Do you do the following daily?:

Daily affirmations
Positive attitude
Power of positive thinking
Mantra meditation
Motivational saying

Honestly, daily affirmations changed my life. I was depressed for two years and wanted to blow my 18 years of sobriety and then I started using daily affirmations and now I have 22 years of sobriety and went off of all my medications for depression and anxiety. Be Free. I AM Free to be me!

2008, Carrie Sokalski
Permission is granted to reprint, only in its entirety and provided copyright is acknowledged.