Oleander – The Cancer Cure Frightening Our Orthodox Cancer Industry

The Salud Integral Clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has been treating patients previously diagnosed with terminal cancer since 2001. Many patients from the U.S. have made the pilgrimage and returned home free of cancer. Patients told by their doctors that there was nothing more to be done, have gone to Honduras and returned home either completely cured or in dramatic remission.

So what is the secret? Well, there isn’t any. The USFDA knows all about it, but in deference to our own massive pharmaceutical and cancer industries, they maintain the position that the medication used by the Salud Clinic is “an unproven medicine.” This in spite of studies world wide past and present, from multiple sources, showing clearly that the medication routinely induces death in human cancer cells without harm to the patient.

The FDA “protects” us from the potential harmful effects of this medication while roundly ignoring the toxicity study performed on 28 Beagle dogs at Southern Research Institute, Birmingham Alabama. No clinical signs of toxicity were noted in this study. Another lethality assessment in mice, conducted at Southern Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas, showed no pathological signs or ill effects. In April of 2000, the FDA approved a study of this medication in patients with advanced solid tumors. The study was conducted under the direction of Ronald Buckowski MD at The Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland Ohio. The abstract of their findings states that the medication can be safely administered at specific dosages, although no dose limiting toxicities were found.

This medication is far from a recent discovery. As far back as the 8th century AD, Arab physicians were using an extract of the poisonous Oleander plant to treat cancer. And that is where the hangup is. That is what gives the FDA the excuse to prevent an effective medication from upsetting the commercial balance of the orthodox health care community. The medication utilized at the Salud Clinic is a Nerium Oleander Extract (NOE) developed by Dr Huseyin Ozel at the State Hospital near Mugla, Turkey. Dr Ozel took out a patent on this extract during the 1970s, calling it Anvirzel.

The USFDA is not alone in its zealous obstruction of progress and innovation in health care. When Dr Ozel received his patent for Anvirzel, the full wrath of the Turkish conventional medical establishment descended on him. They had him arrested and placed on trial for “quackery.”

But they were to be denied any satisfaction. Dr Ozel had been treating terminal cancer patients with his extract for some time, bringing many back from the brink of death. Now they came to court in force, testifying vehemently in Dr Ozel’s defense. Dr Ozel prevailed. And thus was born Dr Ozel’s Oleander cure for cancer. Except that the FDA still stubbornly refuses to accept it, continuing to label it as “unproven.”

This in spite of the tests conducted in Europe during 1986 and 1987, confirming the effect of NOE on the immune system as well as on cancer. The studies then showed that NOE was at least six times as potent as the most active commercially available immune stimulants. And in 1988, a research team at the Munich University Pharmacology Institute attempted unsuccessfully to isolate the active components of NOE. Although several compounds were isolated and identified as possibly being beneficial for the immune system, nothing definitive emerged. The conclusion was that NOE needed to be used as is, further defying any attempts at developing an exclusive pharmaceutical.

So the FDA needs to content itself with simply blocking the marketing of NOE as much as possible. They keep falling back on the irrational reason that raw Oleander is toxic and insist on proof that NOE is not. Clinical studies and hundreds of patients turned back from death’s door don’t enter into this equation. The expensive and often mindless “studies” must be conducted over interminable time lines until, hopefully, the applicant runs out of money. Which is what happened to Ozelle Pharmaceuticals. Their Phase I FDA Trials were conducted with resounding success. Then they ran out of money. It is expected to take years to get Anvirzel through all the FDA trials.

Meanwhile, in 2001, Phoenix Biotech obtained a patent for Anvirzel in Honduras and treatment has been on going on there ever since.
Studies continue to pour in.confirming that NOE, Anvirzel induces death in human cancer cells, causes apoptosis, and enhances autophagic cell death in pancreatic cancer cells. Oleander has also been shown to enhance the effects of chemotherapy and radiation while lessening their side effects.

If the FDA has its way, we can all be stuck with the standard cut, burn, and poison routine imposed on us by the powerful cancer industry and those of us who get cancer and insist on being cured of it will be forced to leave the country.