Numerology’s Temperament Chart And Mental Number; How You Solve Problems Of The Mind

Each of us reacts to situations differently, depending on his own temperament. Numerology can analyze your name and predict how you will respond to problems based on four basic categories: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Intuitive. And to see how you react to problems involving thought, we need to calculate your Mental number.

Your Mental number is how you approach problems that mainly require thought; decisions based on what you know. All problems have elements each category, but mental problems tend to have very little cross-over into the other categories.

===> Calculating your Mental Number

Your Mental number is determined by counting the number of mental letters in your use name, and then reducing the sum to a single digit using fadic addition. In Numerology, the following letters are classified as Mental letters: (A, G, H, J, L, N, and P).

As an example, actor Johnny Depp has a Mental temperament number of (6) as shown below.

Johnny Depp = (J, H, N, N) + (P, P) = (4 + 2) = (6)

The following is a list of Mental numbers, and how you approach mental problems with each one.

===> Mental (1)

This value shows that you are an original thinker, able to find new and exciting ways of doing things. You tend to be impatient and will dominate discussions concerning your thoughts and ideas.

===> Mental (2)

This value shows that you enjoy knowledge for its own sake and are good at detailed work. Collaboration is easy for you; because you see both sides of every question.

===> Mental (3)

This value shows that you bring your creativity to every mental problem. You need constant stimulation to avoid becoming bored. You see the funny side of life, and tend to be something of a practical joker.

===> Mental (4)

This value shows that you approach problems with logic and reason. You like solid practical ideas, and mistrust the unusual or the untried solution. Your plans are always workable and well thought out.

===> Mental (5)

This value shows that you have a quick and agile mind. You love new plans and ideas. You have many interests and are constantly jumping back and forth between them. You are a good conversationalist.

===> Mental (6)

This value shows that you think responsibly, and are a creative problem solver. You always see the difficulties of others in your thought processes.

===> Mental (7)

This value shows that you have good analytical skills if people will leave you alone to use them. You need solitude and hate it when others interfere in your decision making process. You see a great deal but tend to keep your observations to yourself.

===> Mental (8)

This value shows that you have a powerful and efficient business sense. You are driven to succeed and are a strong, tough champion for your thoughts and ideas. Guard against the tendency to be greedy about material things.

===> Mental (9)

This value shows that you have a broad vision of what needs to be done. You are not a detail person. You are idealistic and considerate of your fellow man when making plans.