Natural Treatments For Eczema

Even though eczema is common, the eczema sufferer battles with some of the most unrelenting and irritating symptoms. The symptoms are characterized by dry skin that is flaky and extremely itchy. Other symptoms can include lesions that weep or ooze and crust and also skin that turns leather like due to chronic scratching. if you are wondering, how to cure eczema naturally, then note that there are many natural or home remedies that help heal eczema naturally. Let us take a look at it in detail.

1. First, avoid any citric acid in your diet. Orange juice, Pineapples and lemons contain a lot of citric acid which will cause you to break out with eczema.

2. Interestingly, oatmeal also contains properties that help in eczema relief. You can mix oatmeal, honey and a few drops of lemon and apply this paste to the skin.

3. Apply a mixture of garlic with honey over the affected area the previous night and bandage that area with the help of a nylon cloth. Wash the affected area with alcohol in the dawn.

4. An oatmeal bath is an immediate natural remedy to soothe a break out or flare up of eczema. It naturally soothes the skin’s inflammation and dryness. This is a great treatment regimen for children who suffer with eczema to bring immediate relief of a flare up.

5. If you still wonder how to cure eczema fast, then you can go for sandalwood paste as it is one of the best product to cure eczema at home. Sandalwood also contains cooling and healing properties which can help in treatment of dry skin and itching.

6. Apply a fragrance free lotion. People who get eczema may have an allergic reaction to scented lotions. Fragrance free lotion will cure eczema by providing moisture to your skin.

7. There are also some dietary supplements that can aid you with eczema remedies too. Adding avocado or the intake of fish capsules, have long been used as a natural cure for eczema. You can incorporate those into your daily diet. These will help reduce the chances of inflammation, and allow you to manage your condition better.

8. One natural treatment or home remedy utilizes the juice of carrots and spinach for a gradual internal eczema treatment for dry skin.

Another remedy is that of stewed mango pulp which when placed on the skin helps to soothe inflammation.

Virgin coconut oil is excellent for chaffed and dry skin. Virgin coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and is great for hydrating skin