Natural Alternatives To Fight And Cure Cancer

Through ongoing research, i have found that what doctors usually prescribe their patients, may not be enough to adequately fight off cancner. While chemotherapy, eating lots of vegetables that are right in anti-oxidants, and taking medication may have moderate success, one may wish to consider other alternatives that may not only assist in fighting off cancer, but also deliver a cure.

The first cancer fighter that i would like to introduce to you, is CoQ10. Don’t let the shortened name fool you, as its longer and more accurate name is Coenzime Q10.
This natural Enzime is reponsible for healthy cell growth and renewal. Literally every cell in our bodies benefits from Coenzime Q10, but achieving adequate amounts of this wonderful enzime on our bodies, may prove to be difficult, and rather costly.

Coenzime Q10 can be found to occur naturally in Canned Sardines (the highest natural concentration can be found in the little fish that many people are not so fond of). Whole grains, like whole wheat bread, brown rice, and chicken breast are also good sources of Coenzime 10, while being slightly lower in contents compared to Canned Sardines.

There have not been many studies done on this Enzime and its ability to assist with the survival of cancer patients, and the complete eradication of cancer as a whole. This does not mean that Coenzime Q10 has not been used, on the contrary, it has in fact been used by the few doctors who are aware of its benefits, and has successfully helped people become free of cancer within three months of taking 300 MG of Coenzime Q10 daily.

Now that we’ve convered one of the best cancer fighters, i’d like to move on to the second cancer fighter NAC. As the above CoQ10, NAC is only the shortened name, and when pronounced correctly as N-Acetylcysteine, it may make even less sense to those of us who may never have heard of it.

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is one of the strongest anti-oxidants available. It not only assists with fighting off cancer, but also HIV. Yes, there are many uses for taking natural supplements, and some of them are so good, that the pharmaceuticals may not want you know about them.
Taking 1200 MG of N-Acetylcysteine daily will by all means assist in ridding yourself of most, if not all forms of cancer. There is only one precaution that we must take while taking N-Acetylcysteine, as 1200 MG daily is a high dosage, 600 MG too high for healthy person who only wishes to take advantage of one of the strongest anti-oxidants, just to remain healthy. Thus it is recommended that at least 500 MG to 1.5 Grams of Vitamin C be taken daily, as our bodies will require slightly more of this vitamin.

Black Seed, also commonly referred to as Black Cumin Seed, has been around for thousands of years, widely used to cure everything, except death as it occurs naturally to all life on our planet.
Black Seed (Black Cumin Seed) Oil has been found in one of the tombs in Ancient Egypt, along with a very large container of olive oil. It has been prescribed topically (applied for rashes, insect bites, cuts, bruises, etc), and is widely known to cure almost any disease.
I have personally tested this out on my daughter who is one year and seven months old, as after i gave her one third of a tea spoon of Black Seed Oil on the day she caught a cold and her nose was running quite a bit, along with a fever, on the next day she was much better, her fever had gone away, and her nose was barely running.
My mothers leg was in a significant amount of pain, she applied the Black Seed Oil where it hurt, and on the next morning there was no pain and she could walk normally.
A spider bit the back of my neck, i applied Black Seed Oil, and on the next day, there was not even a red mark left from the spider bite.

I hope that either you, or someone you know will benefit from the useful health information that has just been provided to you (insha Allah).