National Medical Search Group – A Physician Recruiter With A National Network

Though generally distressing, an economic recession can open windows of opportunity for an optimist. Some people might woefully bow to an economic downturn but a great many will see, instead, great chance to pursue a new position or career. When times become a little tough, some healthcare industry workers keep their eyes open for the right set of circumstances that could propel them into a new venture or practice. Employers in the healthcare industry would do well to seize upon this opportunity to recruit new employees.

National Medical Search Group is an agency that specializes in connecting talented medical professionals with successful medical employers. Networking with over 1000 medical recruiting offices across the United States, National Medical Search Group is a physician recruiter that yields appreciable results for its employer clients. Their well-trained and knowledgeable recruiting team have the skills to be able to efficiently interview and screen medical professionals, validate licenses and certifications, and conduct professional reference checks. After a recruiting drive to fill a temporary staffing gap or a permanent position, National Medical Search Group produces a short-list of highly qualified and available candidates.

Beyond their specialty as physician recruiters, National Medical Search Group also researches, screens and places skilled workers in various healthcare fields, including Healthcare IT, Nurses and Nurse Executives, Pharmacists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. Their expert team of recruiters maintain connections across all these fields so as to be able to draw upon valuable pools of resources as positions become available. Without such a broad, national reservoir of talent from which to draw, even an exceptional employer would be challenged to find precisely the right person to fill a role.

As a physician recruiter, National Medical Search Group also partners well with Human Resources departments. Rather than expending time and money to laboriously find medical professionals available for hire, an HR department can make use of the extensive resources and expertise of the National Medical Search Group team to conduct the legwork and compile a list of potential candidates. The recruiting team contacts existing leads seeking interest and referrals; they utilize social networking sites, blogs, directories, and associations to generate leads; they make hundreds of cold calls to qualified leads to draw out the best talent available to fill a medical position. Whether seeking a permanent hire, a short-term staffer or a contingency solution, National Medical Search Group can fill the position.

National Medical Search Group prides itself on its commitment to employer and candidate privacy. No information is shared with other parties without the express consent to do so. National Medical Search Group is also proud to be members or affiliates with several ethnic groups and associations so as to ensure the diversity of their talent resources. A diverse and inclusive workplace is the cornerstone of business growth, and National Medical Search Groups physician recruiting practices reflect this maxim.

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