Mobile aggregation and healthcare a potent combination

Mobile aggregation provides a way of combining business with wireless communication. Not only corporate companies can benefit from this partnership, but also health care providers and their partners.

Doctors, medical aid schemes, clinics, pharmacies and hospitals all have an important role to play in the health care industry. For them, communicating timely and effectively with patients isn’t a luxury, but extremely necessary. Thus, having the option of corresponding with their clients via cell phone could make a world of difference to the quality of the service they provide.

The following are examples of how healthcare workers can use mobile aggregation to their advantage:

A clinic can send a text to remind a mother when her baby’s next vaccination is due.

A pharmacy can notify a client that their subscription is up for renewal, or that their subscription is packed and ready for collection. They can also alert patients to in-store promotions.

A medical aid provider can send a complete statement to a client’s handset with a clear breakdown of what they owe, or alert a client when a payment was made to their health care provider.

A doctor can remind a patient on chronic medication to regularly take their pills or test their blood sugar.

In turn, patients can also use mobile aggregation to their advantage. They can:

Send a message to make or cancel appointments.

Text non-emergency questions to their doctor.

Pay their medical bills by using their cell phones.

Ask for statements or updates relating to their transaction history.

The reason that mobile communication between a patient and their healthcare providers can be so successful, is because people usually don’t go anywhere without their cell phones. Also, receiving a message on your phone is less intrusive than a call. By making use of things like SMS, MMS, USSD and Mobile Billing, patients can receive only the best treatment and their health care providers can manage this at a fraction of the cost.

Mobile aggregation adds undisputed value to any industry. Partner it with health care services and you have a potent combination that benefits all the parties involved.

Thalia Brssow is a copywriter for Integrat Mobile Aggregation Services – a leading WASP aggregator in South Africa.