Marriage Compatibility Of Cancer And Sagittarius

Wedding bond is considered to be the purest of the bonds in the life of a human being. The bride and groom gets into a life time bond after marriage, which they are bound to follow with all heart and dignity. Marriage is also called as an eternal bond, in which two souls become one and they share each others happy and sad moments. They are meant to be together forever and stand by each other in all the phases of life. Finalising the marriage bond is not an easy decision to take; therefore a lot of research work is done before the bride and groom are tied into a bond. Matching the horoscope compatibility of the bride and the groom is one step, which is considered to be imperative for the life of the married couple. This is in many cases, the first step, which leads to further activities of the wedding ceremony. This is done to ensure the togetherness of the bride and groom for long and that too in a happy mode.

Horoscopes in some cases also act as the mirror image of the behaviour and the overall life of a human being. In Hindu matrimonies, it is considered as a very important step to see that the bride and groom have some common traits with each other. Having common characteristics helps the married couple to live happily and share their experiences and thoughts. When two people have something common to talk about then it becomes easy for them to exchange thoughts and understand each other. But unfortunately, this is not the case with Cancer and Sagittarius. Both of them have a number of things in their personality which are contradictory, which makes it difficult for both of them to gel well with each other.

One of the most common reasons of the clashes between a Cancer and a Sagittarius is that cancer is very much attached to his family, while the archer is not. Sagittarians are more into going out and exploring the outer world, rather than staying home and enjoying the family life like a Cancerian. The marriage match between a cancer and Sagittarius seems to be a difficult one, because cancer wants stability in his life, whereas a Sagittarius loves freedom and loves to roam around. This makes his life partner, the cancer, insecure, and can lead to problems in their married life. A cancer is a very emotional being, very different from a Sagittarius, who is of a detached kind of a person. Sagittarius finds it very tough to express, and cancer loves to express his feelings and expects the same from his life partner.

They both have different philosophies towards life, therefore they need to do lot of efforts to compliment each other. In spite of the differences, cancer and Sagittarius can form a happy marriage bond, if they work towards it. They have to give time to each other, so that they can understand each other and develop a bond, which connects them and they have a mutual feeling of being together. The straight forward attitude of the Sagittarius will help them to resume the relation and have a transparency in their relation. The bride and groom should be clear about their concept towards marriage and how they see their marriage bond growing. A lot depends on the perception and the desires of the person as in what does he want from a relation. For making a relation successful, especially marriage, it is very important to be loyal and forgiving towards the life partner. There are many stages in life, which tests the person on his patience, but to make a bond strong, one needs to look into all aspects and give his hundred percent to add majescticity to the married life.

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