Managing Dental Emergencies While Playing Sports

Its everyones worst nightmare: having their teeth fall out. Unfortunately, if you play sports, even with a mouth guard in, you are at risk for having a dental emergency that can involve having teeth knocked out. Outdoor athletes in Vancouver, WA are especially prone to dental emergencies because pavement and grass slick with rain can become a hazard.

Looking for dentists in Vancouver, WA after the emergency occurs can be dangerous. You might not know what to do before you get to the dentist, and you certainly wont have time to call around to get the best prices. To be prepared, have your family dentists number saved in your phone.

Know What to Do during a Dental Emergency
Most often, dental emergencies involve having a tooth knocked out. Whether youve experienced a sports-related injury that resulted in a knocked-out tooth, fell and knocked out a tooth, or were in a car crash, saving your natural teeth is possible if you know what to do.

First, try to put the tooth back into place if possible, making sure that it matches up with the teeth around it. Biting down on a napkin or gauze can keep the tooth in place until you get to the dentist. Be very aware of the placement of the tooth and make sure that it is not swallowed.

Alternatively, you can keep a tooth-saver kit in your car or in your first aid kit. They are sometimes available from dentists in Vancouver, WA. The kits are good to have on hand, especially if you are an athlete. If a tooth-saver kit is not available and the tooth cannot be placed back into the mouth, placing the tooth in a container full of either whole milk or saliva can preserve the tooth until the dentist can see you.

What to Do Next in Your Dental Emergency
Apply a cold compress to the sides of the mouth to reduce swelling and pain. Pressure might need to be applied to stem bleeding, which can be done by biting down on gauze. Make sure that, as you are preparing the tooth, you do not touch the roots of the tooth in any way; only touch the crown (the portion of the tooth used for eating). Also, do not attempt to clean the tooth with an alcohol or hydrogen peroxide solution.

The key to saving a tooth that has been knocked out is getting to one of the dentists in Vancouver, WA as soon as possible. Dont get taken by surprise by a knocked-out tooth; make sure that you have a family dentist who is available for emergencies!