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KAB Dental Supplies

KAB Dental founded in 1988, is a member of UNITED DENTAL DEALERS (UDD), We Shell Dental Supplies to Dental Clinics, Dental Laboratory, Dental Institutions, & Government Agencies. Please visit our Online Dental Supply Store http://www.kabdentalsupplies.com.

Our mission is to provide you the comfort of purchasing all the dental supplies you need at the most attractive conditions, lowest prices and best service.

KAB Dental Supplies is a leading distributor of dental supplies. We pride ourselves by offering quality Dental Supplies Products to our customers and provide them with personal attention for their unique dental supplies requirement.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality of dental supplies. We help our customers reduce supply costs, increase cash flow, minimize administrative expenses and improve inventory management by providing an extensive, affordable priced product with unique and innovative services.

Our Sales Representatives and Customer Service personnel pride themselves on the personalized relationships they have developed that enable them to better understand the specific needs of each individual customer. It is this unique relationship, combined with our technological expertise that distinguishes KAB Dental Supplies from other distributors.

Our customers continue to teach us that they desire a personalized approach to the support. From supplies and equipment, to software and technology solutions, KAB Dental Supplies offers the widest selection of product at extraordinary value along with uncompromising service and support. Our strongest asset is our people, and our strength and longevity revolve around our commitment to understanding the needs of each practice we serve. A leader in the use of information technology, we have developed some of the most innovative and successful Internet systems for online supply purchasing and inventory management to better serve our customers. Maintaining outstanding customer relationships is vital to us, a reason why we continuously strive to meet your demands and expectations.

We encourage Government Agencies to contact us for Dental Equipment and Supplies. We Sell New Dental Equipment to Dental Clinics, Dental Laboratory, Dental Institutions, & Government agencies. We have in our Online Dental Store for Dentist, Dentistry, Orthodontist, Dental Labs and Dental Practices are: Acrylics ( Justi Cold), Disposable Needles (Exel Disposable Needles w/Plastic Hub), Acrylics (Justi Crown & Bridge Formula), Anesthetics & Accessories (CARBOCAINE), Articulating Material (EXEL DENTAL NEEDLES), Bleaching Products (Justi Cold, EXEL DENTAL NEEDLES, CARBOCAINE), Burs (Miltex), Cements & Cavity Liners (Spatulas, Temrex), Composites & Restoratives (Vista), Cosmetic Dentistry (Vista), Crown and Bridge (Zhermack), Crowns & Shells (KIMBERLY), Disposables (Vista), Endodontics (Appli-Vac), Evacuation Products (Vista), Finishing & Polishing (MEDICOM), Gloves (Plasti), Implants (Zhermack ), Impression Material (Alginmax), Impression Trays (Zhermack), Infection Control (PeelPro, Pro-Advantage), Lab Materials & Equipment (Zhermack), Preventive Products (Beutlich), Prophy Products (Crosstex, Sultan), Saliva Ejectors (MEDICOM), Surgical Blades (Bard Parker), Sutures (ETHICON), Teeth (Justi Mastix, Lingual Bladed), Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions (Pro-Advantage), X-Ray (Crosstex).

We encourage Government Agencies to contact us for Dental Equipment and Supplies. Let us meet all your Dental Supplies needs at prices you can afford! Call or Email us to compare our prices on brand name supplies. Independent Service Technicians, contact us for an opportunity to sell dental supplies in your region. Work with us and earn commission.

We Provide Discount on Dental Supplies LAB Equipment only on Bulk Purchase. Please call us for more information on our discount pricing on bulk orders. We are regularly updating and listing new products to our online dental supplies catalog. Please email us your suggestions or comments at [emailprotected]

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