Introduction to International Health Insurance

When travelling abroad or relocating long term it is important that you cover you and your family with global health insurance. This is necessary not only to ensure that should you have an accident you receive the proper care, but many countries now will not permit you entry or residency without full documentation proving you have sufficient international health insurance.

Each country, and each province within every country has different levels of health care, some have private and some have public, a lot have both. The developed world is of course better equipped with high-tech hospitals kitted out with the latest facilities. But without international medical insurance expats have bankrupted themselves having to pay medical bills they cant afford and werent covered for. To make use of the high levels of care available in the western and developed countries around the world, covering yourself is essential.

There are many underdeveloped countries that are not medically well equipped. Especially in the east there are a severe lack of health facilities in rural areas and if you are relocating to one of these provinces international medical insurance is vital to ensure you have access to the best care possible and as soon as you need it. Small clinics are not always to be found in every town and the better equipped medical centres are typically only situated in the major cities which can be extremely far away depending on where you are relocating to. Planning before you move is key, research the area and the wider country youll be living in. Get to know its health care system as well as the emergency services and the local community centres.

Health care systems can differ greatly from place to place, continent to continent, so swatting up on your destinations policies and facilities is important reading before you move. Spending some time there before you properly relocating is also a good idea, you can get to know the locals who will probably be able to inform you about the areas health care infrastructure better than reading anything online.

Although moving abroad can seem like a daunting experience if you plan and prepare thoroughly it can be easy and efficient. Take care of all documents, medical, visas and everything else as soon as possible, do not leave them to the last minute. If you turn up without the correct evidence of full international health insurance you may be turned away and not permitted to enter the country. This depends on the region but being in a foreign land and then getting into an unfortunate accident without expat medical insurance is going to be dangerous, expensive and inconvenient.