The sign Cancer’s ruling planet is Moon, which gives its native great maternal instinct and sensibility. The Cancerian is very emotional, easily get excited and sees everything happening around him. They have many dreams and fantasies about their own life, which sometimes leads to disappointments. She’s very protective and has the role of a mother to everyone. At bottom, she longs to build a harmonious home, happy and stable, and feels very comfortable in those places that give her peace, harmony and security. The native of this sign is very intuitive and easily understands the feelings of others, which makes her a natural psychologist. They have a great attachment to their loved ones, as well as to those objects that keep an emotional value. She is a traditional woman and defenders of her own identity. Although rarely shows her aggressive side, is very tenacious in protecting her interests. Her mood is quite unstable and variable, depending largely on what is happening around her. To fall in love, looking for a man who provides stability, security, likes her and who can build a harmonious home for her. The Cancerian shows great devotion and dedication towards love. She is very accommodating and happy to have a man who loves her. To conquer a Cancerian one has to be smooth and quiet. She does not like to argue or fight, at bottom, she is afraid of violent or aggressive situations. You have to invite her to dinner at a harmonious place, it is of no use to take her to nightclubs late at night. You should introduce your friends and family. She loves intimate gatherings because she’s pretty shy. You speak of your intention to form a serious relationship with the capacity to marry and have children, and if those are not your intentions, you better forget it. Cancer is a sign very intuitive and you should not lie because they perceive it. The walks in natural areas close to water are very effective, she loves nature and being in those places she can show great sensitivity. A Cancerian is very romantic and traditionalist in their fantacies, hopes the arrival of her prince, hence, falls easily when a man really shows a courteous gentleman. The Love of a Cancerian can be very durable and stable because she is always willing to do whatever it takes to defend what she loves. Any adept astrologer can easily tell about the following traits in your character:- YOUR DEGREE OF MOTIVATION YOUR EMOTIONAL TEMPERAMENT YOUR DEGREE OF EFFORT CHARACTERISTICS OF YOUR MIND YOUR LEVEL OF WISDOM WHAT PEOPLE ARE EXPECTING FROM YOU WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS OF YOUR BEHAVIOR ON OTHERS HOW TO FIND SUCCESS AND APPROVING HOW TO BE CONFIDENT ABOUT YOUR POWERS AND ABILITIES HOW TO DISCOVER TRUTHFULLY WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE HOW TO FIND THE BEST WAY TO ACCESS YOUR CHOSEN CAREER

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